1. Oh yeah this is great record,Akimbos playing here is stellar .
    Rumour has it is a great guitar track,good ol can rock at its finest,I agree that the Zztopish synths were rearing there ugly vibes on Shakin but that was 86….same yr as Turbo !
    But back to this one and the E.P are I think his finest pieces of guitar work……


  2. You’re right! Damn that 1986 period was brutal for synth! When did ZZ Top do Afterburner? ’85?

    Isn’t it funny how Kim has never never managed to swim back up to this level. Shakin had some great tunes on it but the production was way too wimpy. Rockland had better production but it lacked soul…and since then he’s been bobbing and weaving. I think Kimosabe is an underrated gem though, a very deep record.


  3. Totally agree with ya,Shakin I mean I bought that one on cassette and I remembered being pumped listening to Get Lucky….and than kinda downhill after that….Rockland I was fooled by the title ,I mean it was mellow,Aural Fixations??? Dunno….I did like the Itch record though……Kimosabe is a great track with Andy Curran….for a underrated gem check out Soho 69 Scatterbrain……..luv that one….


  4. As far as ZZ Top goes I think they had a bigger influence on the rock sound of the eighties than they ever got credit four. I mean Afterburner is basically sides 3 and 4 of Eliminator. But it was successful and many a artist tried nicking that sound but I think for some unexplainable reason ZZ was the only artist that could pull it off on two back to back records.
    Having said that Eliminator was the far superior of the 2 but man Woke Up With Wood is a classic!!!!


  5. Hi Mike. Great write-up, and interesting timing as I was just listening to Kim’s “Rockland” CD for the first time last week. When “Akimbo Alogo” came out, I bought it solely on the strength of “Go For Soda” which was getting a lot of radio play at the time. I also bought the follow-up, “Shakin’ Like A Human Being,” but it’s been more than 20 years since I played either of them. I still have both LPs and plan on giving them a listen again to see how they hold up, and based on how much I liked “Rockland” I’m very optimistic.

    Also, I knew he was in Max Webster but they’re a band that has slipped under my radar all these years. As a huge prog fan, your write-up here makes me think I might really like them, but I don’t know where to start. Which album or compilation would you recommend?


  6. while I totally agree about everything you are all saying about “akimbo”…my heart is with “Rockland” ! it was the FIRST CD I ever bought (at Dutch Boy on Highland RD!!) in 1989 (yes CD’s were out then…think I paid $22.99 for it)…and that started it all for me! great production, simple catchy tunes (drums I could actually play!), and awesome rockers! Love me some Kim Mitchell, I guess


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