MORE Geoff Tate news: His side of the split?

OK folks, as usual I’ll let Geoff say it all.

On the “original” Queensryche with Todd La Torre:

They started a side project called Rising West, and they quickly found out that it didn’t have any value in the marketplace. They couldn’t sell any shows. They couldn’t get booked for shows. And that’s when they fired me and tried to use the name Queensryche to book shows, so they could all make a living.

So what you’re saying Geoff is that the firing had nothing to do with the spitting and the physical assaults and so on and so forth?  This argument doesn’t even make any sense.  Geoff’s claiming that Queensryche fired him, because their side project couldn’t sell any shows?  I’m sure they don’t need a side project to sell shows to make a living while they’re in Queensryche?  If business was as good as Geoff claims, anyway.

On Glen Drover, guitar player in Tate’s new “second” Queensryche:

I had known of him but never met him, but I’ve seen him play a number of times with Megadeth, and I thought he was a fantastic player; just a real fluid, effortless guitar player. And then talking with him, he’s just a really cool guy, very down-to-earth. He’s a Canadian guy who likes hockey and beer, and I’m all down with that.

Alright.  I’m down with that too.

And lastly, on his solo album:

It just happened pretty quickly, and I worked at a pace that’s pretty normal for me, really. A lot of what you hear on it are first, second or third takes. It was pretty immediate, us sitting in the same room, playing together, feeding off each other, and just kinda making stuff up as we went. So it was a fun, immediate record, without a lot of rehearsing it into the ground. Not a very polished record, not over-produced and slick. It’s pretty raw.

OK, that doesn’t sound bad.  Has anybody heard the record yet?  I’ve read good things, but Christmas is coming.


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  1. I have Liked your post, but I still do not like Stabby McStabby pants.

    Section One: This is a case of classic misdirection. If I just talk bullshit long enough, people will forget about (or at least gloss over) the fact that I was a total asshole.

    It’s also total desperation. He knows he screwed up, and he finally got called on it. Now he’s scrabbling for a foothold again.

    Section Two: So, liking Canadians makes you any less stabby? Any less of a selfish, violent, unstable dickhead? Canadians would be the first to call you on it. Politely, of course, but still.

    Section Three: I don’t care.

    Nope, sorry. Queensryche, you did the right thing. You kicked that stabby prick to the curb. It was a tough thing to do. The hardest thing to do. But it had to be done, and you did it.

    Now let’s all get on with our lives and stop letting this creepo weasel his way back into our brains with nonsense and pointlessness.


    1. LOL! This was worth posting just for that one comment. (and LOL @ section 2).

      Apparently the “real” Queensryche have a new record coming out in early 2013. Complete with non-stabby singer and songs written by band members instead of hired guns!


      1. Well it’s your blog, Mike, and you can post what you want, but personally I wouldn’t waste any more space on this guy. It’s only a matter of time before something else happens and then everyone will go “Ooooohhh so he really IS a dickhead.” Just have to sit back and wait. It’s inevitable. I just hope no one gets hurt when he loses it next time.

        Your second bit is good news for Queensryche fans. I wonder if that was part of the selection prcess in their search for a new singer. “So, um… this is a little awkward, but we have to ask. Do you habitually carry a knife? Anything sharp on your person right now?”


  2. Interesting…reminds of the whole Styx saga….diva singer v band. Geoff Tate seems to have gone a little of his rocker. Can’t we all just get along. They all seem to be a bit of business whores anyway with their beer and wine companies etc. I lost interest after Mindcrime which is sad cause the first four albums were great!


    1. Hey Mike!
      Was Styx dealing with the diva singer too? I lost track of them before Gowan came along. I knew they had reunited but I was never really clear on the split. I know their last album with DeYonge was pretty fragmented-sounding.

      Anyway back to Queensryche. I hung in there until Promised Land. While Promised Land is not a metal album, I found it really deep and really good. The first four albums are undeniably great, and it’s also great seeing La Torre kick those songs in the ass, live.

      If Tate attempts those songs live (which I doubt, but we’ll see, he says he wanted to revisit the history) then it’ll come across as very hypocritical.


      1. I am not real clear on the Styx thing either but remember hearing that DeYoung wanted the band name and was suing the others for using the name and material without him….all the same sort of QR drama. I followed QR up to Promiseland too…and actually like parts of Hear in the Now Frontier…but hindsight, I never listen to anything past MIndcrime even Empire which I was really into when it came out. I saw the Burlesque QR tour and it was a huge letdown. Tate was just odd and lost, the band was a little lethargic too. I always thought of DeGarmo as the heart of the band and they lost a step w/o him..


        1. That burlesque tour is a joke! What were they thinking? Just another nail in the coffin. I blame Tate for that one.

          I saw them on the Promised Land tour and they were awesome, it was great to see DeGarmo.


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