Part 143: Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow (VIDEO BLOG!)


Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow



  1. I’m not taking the piss here, Mike: I LOVE WINTER! Really, I do. I don’t understand people who hate it. I know many like you, but I don’t understand you. It’s so beautiful! And the air is cool and crisp in your lungs, and the snow makes everything all quiet and gorgeous. I say bring it on. The more snow, the merrier. Seriously! I’d take that over a 30C humid day in summer ANY TIME! I would so much rather shovel the driveway clear of snow than I would cut the grass. It’s not even a competition. Don’t get me wrong, I go to the beach on the nice summer days like everyone else and I enjoy that too, but given my druthers, winter kicks ass, no question. Just bundle up, get out there, and give ‘er! Onward!

    Nice Zappa singing there, Dude!

    Are you sure it was “three, four feet of snow” that you trudged through that day? That sounds like a lot! Were you jumping people’s fences and cutting through their yards as a shortcut, or something? ;) I’m not doubting you. It is, after all, quite possible, in these parts.

    You should read Pierre Berton’s book about building the railway. The stories of the dudes who walked from Montreal and Kingston to British Columbia, looking for the best railway route. Walked. Across. Canada. In Winter. Uncharted territory, too. And then, when they had it sorted out, they walked back!! There were no roads. Incredible. My favourite was the guy who was snowblinded near Thunder Bay, on his way back to Montreal. He walked from Thunder Bay to Montreal AND HE COULDN’T EVEN SEE! And what did they do for him, when he arrived? Gave him time for his vision to return and get his strength back, and then they sent him back out again! Betcha that guy wished he had some of the rawk in an iPod, help him through those long days of walking! Eh?


    1. Definitely at least 3 feet in spots. I remember the sidewalks were not plowed or shoveled on a good portion of Fairway road and it took a lot of energy to get through. I was making a good path for other people as I did!


  2. Bringin’ the RAWK to the people!

    I also hate winter. I have tried to find a reason to like it…besides Christmas, I have nothing. I like winter…from the inside of my house!


    1. Yeah this is what Aaron and I were discussing yesterday. He’s a winter guy. He loves it. He likes nothing more than seeing it come down, and then go out there and running in it! Not me.


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