The Toronto Musical Collectibles Record & CD Sale

My thoughts are with those in Boston tonight.
Yesterday, T-Rev, Wes and I attended the  The Toronto Musical Collectibles Record & CD Sale.  T-Rev went specifically hoping to find Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake by the Small Faces, on vinyl, with the original round cover in displayable condition.  He came home with that record for the price of $30.

I hit paydirt.  I came with $200 and I left with $0 (there was a $5 entrance fee).  I also left with seven (7!!!) Japanese import rock albums all with bonus tracks, five 12″ records, a 7″ single, and a rare book.  Today I’ll show you the CDs, which I am most excited about!  You can see the rest another day.

You can’t find Japanese imports anymore around here.  And many of these are long out of print.  I’ve been looking for the Pistols’ Filthy Lucre Live since 1996.  Blackmore’s Rainbow is one that I’d seen before.  The HMV store at Fairview Mall in Kitchener had one…in 1995.  Rob Vuckovich used to try to goad me into buying it, but I couldn’t pay the $50 price tag for just one bonus track.  $15 though?  With obi strip intact?  Hell yeah!

So here’s the list of Japanese imports and what I paid.  I believe most of these have to be half of retail.

HAREM SCAREM – Live at the Gods.  This is a Japanese exclusive live album.  I paid $20, sealed.
SEX PISTOLS – Filthy Lucre Live.  I’ve been waiting a long time.  I love this album.  Two bonus tracks:  “Buddies” (“Bodies”) and “No Fun”.
SCORPIONS – Face the Heat.  I paid $15, for 2 wimpy bonus tracks called “Kami O Shin Jiru” and “Daddy’s Girl”.  Both are ballads, but for $15, no bother!
IAN GILLAN – Gillan’s Inn.  This one was a bit more expensive:  $30, because it had the DVD (that won’t play in this region).  But it also has the bonus track “Eternity” that isn’t even on the Tour Edition.
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – Wiseblood.  I paid $20, has the bonus track “The Land of Free Disease”.
RAINBOW – Stranger In Us All.  Bonus track: “Emotional Crime”.  Paid $15.
WHITESNAKE – Good To Be Bad.  Paid $20, sealed.  Two bonus tracks:  “All For Love (Alt mix/Doug solo)” and “Summer Rain (Unzipped)”.


    1. Wait until you see some of this vinyl I picked up. No spoilers…except to say that two are obscure Canadian bands that I am sure you remember. One may in fact be some kind of god of thunder….


        1. Yeah, and I presume if you can’t get an album like that Rainbow anywhere anymore, that means it’s probably out of print in Japan. I am assuming.


  1. So cool, great haul. I went to one of these shows in Windsor, back in my university days. It was almost all bootlegs, and WAY too much money for what they had. You did better, on this trip. Can’t believe you left the Telly vinyl…


        1. The only thing I was regretting was another Ozzy single. But it turns out I didn’t need it, so it’s all good. Nope, no regrets. I bought every single Japanese import that I wanted, at those prices it would have been stupid to leave any behind!


    1. My bedroom player will play it but I don’t watch TV in there. It doesn’t matter, I have the domestic DVD. May as well hang onto it. My old work would only give me $5 for it anyway.


        1. They take credit cards now! At least some vendors did. There were two rooms, with the more expensive items/vendors in one room. They all took credit cards. But they were more about selling photographs and memorabilia.


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