1. Yeah the 38 minutes is to short esp for a live album like u said but for sure That’s The Hold is worth the price of admission! The whole thing rocks and yep a great summer time disc back in 90!


  2. Yeah for sure I mean everyone else is reissuing things up the ying yang…but Nuthin has been done to Akimbos collection! Time I say is of the essence!…..you should check out his Fill Your Head Full Of Rock Greatest Hits….it’s by far his best compilation ..just rockin stuff…


    1. The same could be said of the Max catalogue. I know there are some Rock Candy reissues, but why not more?

      I do have Fill Your Head With Rock, which is also great for the 1989 live DVD it comes with.


  3. No way I did not know about the live DVD…is It the Muchmusic one? Where there all drumming at the beginning?
    Remember yrs ago reading that David Lee Roth had recorded Kids In Action as a possibility for the Eat Em album as Sheean was a member of Max once ..now that woulda been sumthin to hear!


    1. I know!! That would have blown my mind if that happened. OK, I have my Kim DVD in front of me:

      Mine is a Swedish import. It has a live DVD called Rockland Wonderland, Sept 28 1989. I think it might be the Much special…I have to watch it again.


  4. Hahaha….listen man Lemon Wedge was the drinking tune in the summer of 94 here in Tbay!
    Hahaha…bring on the review….actually it would be cool cause Kimosabe is a great song esp with Andy Curran on it…those three Coney albums and the Scatterbrain album are the dope(as the kids say nowadays)…hahaha


    1. Yeah those albums are “sick”!

      Kimosabe is a lot more laid back than Itch but I dunno, it struck of chord with me. There’s some great music on it.

      Ahh man…Lemon Wedge. I had an argument with a girlfriend over Lemon Wedge! I had the Greatest Hits CD in the car and she was complaining about that song. I made a wrong turn and then she blew up at me!

      Yeah she hated Lemon Wedge man, big time!


  5. I heard this played at many parties myself, even owned it at one point, back in the day. I don’t recall complaining about the playing length at the time but… I can see your point now. Great songs. Kim rules.


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