Sh*t LeBrain’s Dad Says: Lil’ Shit

Sadly, unfortunately my sister lost her dog/best friend Ali this week.  Shortly before Ali passed, Kathryn was give another little puppy, an energetic ball of fur named Daisi (with an “i”).

It is my understanding that Daisi, while at my parents’ place, “piss and shit” all over the carpet.  Hey, it’s what puppies do.  But according to my dad:

“Little Shit is what I’ve named that dog.  Because it pisses and shits all over the house!”

Please welcome to our family, Little Shit!



  1. Back when we were living in Saskatoon, our cat died. When we got our new kitten Kito, she stress-farted the whole way home in the car. We’d been taking lessons in how to speak Cree at the friendship center, so I asked the teacher how to say ‘fart’ in Cree. There really wasn’t a word, but closest was pronounced poh-kito. So, we shortened it to Kito and she is still our little fart.


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