REVIEW: Quiet Riot – “Slick Black Cadillac Live” Kerrang Flexidisc

There’s not much music on this one, it’s more a photo review this time.  Enjoy!


QUIET RIOT – “Slick Black Cadillac Live” 1983 Kerrang Flexidisc

The reason I have this (scored from Discogs!), aside from it just looking cool, is that it’s hilarious!  The version of “Slick Black Cadillac” is the same great version that was later released on the remastered edition of Metal Health.  However…it has recorded messages from the band members as well!  These messages are directed to the UK readers of Kerrang! (who gave away this flexi-disc), and are dubbed directly over the song.

After Kevin DuBrow mentions the upcoming December gigs they’ll be playing, each member gets to say a word.  Rudy in particular strikes my funny bone.  “Hi, this is Rudy Sarzo, and I play the bass!”  He’s just so…excited!  As for Kevin?  “When I see you I wanna hear you scream ’til your throats bleed!”

Flexi-discs are obviously fragile and are only good to play a handful of times.  They have a bit more background noise than normal 45’s, but have the bonus of looking cooler than the average 45!  This one is single sided, and came taped inside an issue of Kerrang!  Not all flexi’s are clear like this one, so I consider this a fun conversation piece.

3/5 stars


    1. True, I always wanted a flexi disc too. Of course today you can get full length CDs and movies in a magazine, even cereal boxes! But people tend to lose those or throw them out over the years. This is way cooler.


  1. Cool stuff Mike… I remember back in 83-84 everyone was into these guys and when they put out Condition Critical in 85 I told some of my friends about my new QR purchase and I remember the blank looks I got back…hahaha…I figured well this could be the writing on the wall and someone said “why did they do another Slade Cover??” The question wasn’t goofy it’s just the person that asked it I never in my 17 yrs of living up to that point had never heard this person say Slade and never again after!!


    1. My buddy that works at the radio station has a favourite QR album and it’s Condition Critical! Over Metal Health! For me it’s a decent album, but pretty much an attempted carbon copy of Metal Health.

      I remember when Oasis came out with their cover of Cum On Feel the Noize, my buddy said, “Why are they covering Quiet Riot?” I said, “They’re not, it’s Slade!”


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