Gallery: Iron Maiden’s EDDIE (2012 Neca figure)

This one goes out to FanFigureZero and his jaw-dropping site.

In downtown Kitchener last night, I dropped in at the great store Lookin’ For Heroes, to pick up the lastest issue (#94) of Transformers Re-Generation One.  Unfortunately I was a week early, but they did have Eddie!  Several different Eddies.  I decided to start yet another Iron Maiden collection!

I already had the old McFarlane figures from a long time ago, but this new series has seven figures in it.  And I plan on getting them all!


    1. I’m not really familiar with NECA but like the looks of this one. Great detail and this is a tricky Eddie to do because of the punk rock hair (dropped by the next album).

      My big question right now is does Neca have any association with McFarlane? Because the picture of the Someone in Time Eddie on the back looks IDENTICAL to my old McFarlane.


  1. Saw a IM tribute band recently…pretty good. They even had a buddy in an Eddie Halloween costume cross the stage and mess with guys. ….slightly off topic I guess


    1. Haha that’s OK Mike! I find with Maiden tributes, the bass players never quite nail that Steve Harris sound. How were they? You have to be able to appreciate the theatricality of a the guy in the Eddie costume.


      1. Totally agree Steve Harris is not easy to imitate. They were really good and the Priest cover band was great…same show. I find the singers always have a hard time cuz they have to kind of be actors. The Eddie was cheesy but it worked in a way. Good cover bands rock, cuz you get to hear you favorites live for like $10 you can even go get a beer and relax v $200 to see a real show


        1. If the cover band is good, anyway!

          One of the best bassists I’ve heard is this guy named Sal Italiano who is now in Anvil…can’t wait to hear his playing with Anvil!


        1. Yah, I’ve got all my old Legos from when I was a kid, but we haven’t given it to them yet. Our girl just turned two, which is still prime Lego-eating age.

          We do have lots of Megablox though, and my Mom found these awesome gigantic blocks at a yard sale called Brik (made in the USA) that apparently can’t be bought anymore. The kids build things to sit on out of them, they’re so big.


  2. Thanks! Glad to make you happy!! Yep, 24 years this week in fact. The celebration starts Tues with a week long sale and Saturday we have a comic book signing/sketching with Leonard Kirk and Richard Zajac. Our Facebook page is a great way to see what all we’ve got going on, same with Twitter and our website. So glad you have given Eddie a good home! :)


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