Gallery: A World With Heroes

This arrived in the mail today.  Haven’t even taken off the shrink wrap yet! Thanks @mitchlafon!

A World With Heroes – A KISS Tribute for Cancer Care – A 40th Anniversary Celebration.  That’s a buttload of songs, people! (I love that Ron Young of Little Caesar SINGS “Little Caesar”.)


    1. AHHHH! Serves me right for rushing to post this…

      Jon this is different. I don’t know other tribute albums where I can hear stuff from Sonic Boom. I’ve only heard 1/4 of it but so far? Awesome.

      Mark Tornillo from Accept absolutely NAILS “Spit”. Brighton Rock do a haunting acoustic version of “Creatures”. There’s one song from a Bonfire live album (“Sword and Stone”) and plenty more…because this one is by a real Kiss fan (Mitch Lafon) who knows his stuff, it has obscurities for the fans. I give it thumbs up.


        1. Fair warning, just noticed there is a Tod Howarth track on here :) He covers Breakout with John Regan.

          On the flipside, Mitch told me that Ron Keel’s version of “Rock N’ Roll Hell” is awesome, so I can’t wait to get to that.


        2. He covers a song he has already played on and sung? Is he a moron?
          If I want to hear Breakout, I’d listen to Frehley’s Comet where both Tod and John plays. Stuff like this annoys me. What’s his next cover choice? Calling To You?


        3. I haven’t got to the second disc yet so I can’t comment, but I did finish the first CD last night. Rex Brown sings a great “Larger Than Life” and even Don Dokken does the trick on a couple tracks.


        4. No, I just meant his choice of cover. Why would you wanna make a cover on yourself? Sounds stupid to me, cover something else instead, everybody has already heard Breakout with Tod…

          Honeymoon Suite AND Firehouse? Did they perform it together or are there two versions of the song?
          I love Honeymoon Suite and I think they’re too good for that second rate I Wanna Know What Love Is debacle. But it fits Firehouse like a glove because they’re kinda like second rate period. Except for their guitar player. He’s brilliant.
          Sorry if I go all pessimistic here. I’ll do better – promise. ;-)
          I really want that CD!


        5. I saw Honeymoon Suite about 15 years ago, when unfortunately nobody cared, and they were pretty damn good. Derry Grehan in particular. Anyway this track is Johnny Dee and Derry Grehan matched up with Michael Foster and Bill Leverty of Firehouse so like half-and-half.


    1. Very good. Very very good. This will actually make into my Frehley series, because there are plenty of Ace classics on here, but also the original version of “Outer Space”…which apparently was a cover. A did not know that.


        1. That is the big lead track on Ace’s Anomaly album.

          That Eric track is one of his demos, from his posthumous solo album. They picked probably the best song of his.


        1. No idea why Ace would have a credit. The original is by a band called Shredmill. If I had to guess, Ace probably gave himself credit for the differences in arrangement. The original is different, almost Danzig-like. I like it, a lot, but Ace’s version is still an improvement.


    1. Just bought the 11 bonus tracks…two Peter Criss/Phil Naro demos…new version of Back on the Streets by members of the Comet…I’m about to gibe it a listen.

      ALSO: You can buy the bonus tracks on their own on iTunes. Unlike many iTunes exclusives, often you need to buy the whole album again.


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