Gallery: Dream Theater – Live Scenes from New York

By unfortunate coincidence, this album featuring the New York skyline aflame, was released on 9/11/2001.  The album was recalled and re-released with new cover art.  I’m glad I have an original, but I never really listen to it, because it always reminds me of that day.


  1. I also have the original, as a Japanese pressing (glad I had a connection at the record company). Since I didn’t get it until weeks after 9/11 I don’t make the connection between that day & this album. Sorry your enjoyment of this great live album has been affected that way. As a native New Yorker who was in the city that day watching the towers burn, I’m fortunate that I didn’t lose anyone close to me…and I also didn’t have any music spoiled by the horrors I witnessed. I was playing Rufus Wainwright that morning on the way to work, and it was a year later that I realized I stopped listening to that album subconsciously (even though it was in regular rotation in the weeks prior). It now has a soothing quality for me.


    1. Thankfully Dream Theater have PLENTY of live albums for me to choose from, and I have several!

      The only good thing that happened that day, was that I had a feeling of almost the whole world united in support. I’d never seen anything like it before in my life, but I never want to see it again at this cost.

      I couldn’t tell you what music I was listening to that day, but I never heard this DT album. I decided I didn’t want to own it. Then a couple years later, this one came into the store and I bought it for the cover. Of course I have played it, but it tends to get ignored in favour of one of the others.


      1. I’m curious to find out which is your favorite live Dream Theater album. I’ve got all of them, as well as most/all of the live DVDs, and it’s hard to pick just one. “Once In A Livetime” was the album that convinced me of how amazing they are, so I have an affection for that one, but “Live At Budokan” in support of the phenomenal “Train Of Thought” is just as good. They have a new live one coming out later this year, but it was pushed back because their new studio album is coming out this month.


        1. Rich, again because of memories, Budokan is my favourite.

          Actually no…I have Master of Puppets live from their covers series, and THAT is amazing :)

          But year, Budokan. When we were dating my wife bought it for me. I just sat there amazed at a) how awesome DT are and b) how awesome she is.


        1. Yeah they’ve brought out loads. I’ve only got this and “Score” but I’ve never listened much. Mainly because the actual studio albums are still pretty new to me so I tend to stick to those if I’m in the mood. I’ve got a few live DVDs and I probably pay more attention to them than the live albums.


        2. I have Bodukan on DVD. It’s awesome to behold. And I’ll tell you the behind the scenes stuff is just as good as the performances. They are all so musically intelligent.


  2. I was in Saskatoon, just getting to work, when the planes hit. The entire university campus just… stopped. Everyone crowded around TVs in the common rooms.

    There were several albums with covers that would have been controversial in the aftermath of that event, pulled or delayed because of it.

    And radio pulled all sorts of songs because of it (which is nuts but hey, people were touchy).


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