REVIEW: David Lee Roth – Greatest Hits/The Deluxe Edition (2013 CD/DVD)

NEW RELEASE – nov. 19 2013

DLRGRHITS_0001DAVID LEE ROTH  –  Greatest Hits/The Deluxe Edition (2013 Warner CD/DVD)

Dear LeBrain readers,

I’ve been here writing reviews for the better part of 21 months now.  I think we know each other well enough, you and I, that I can skip the formalities in some instances.  I don’t think I need to describe in detail classic David Lee Roth recordings such as “California Girls”, “Just a Gigolo”, or “Just Like Paradise”.  I’m willing to bet that with exception to the 1990’s material, most readers already know most of the songs on this album.  If you happened to stumble upon later albums like A Little Ain’t Enough or Your Filthy Little Mouth, then you probably know them all.

If you’re familiar with David Lee Roth but don’t own any as of yet, then your next question is likely to be, “Is this a good place to start?”  Sure, why not?  Dave’s latest “hits” compilation, simply called Greatest Hits (his last one was called The Best), does the trick in most regards.  It even includes Dave’s entire first solo EP Crazy From the Heat albeit not in the original running order.  (1. “Easy Street” 2. “Just A Gigolo” 3. “California Girls” 4. “Coconut Groove” in case you feel like re-arranging the tracks as originally released.)  “Easy Street” is an Edgar Winter Group original, and Dave has Edgar guest on his version too.

Some of the best songs are distilled from Eat ‘Em and Smile, but that’s a 5/5 star album that needs to be owned on its own regardless.   From Skyscraper is “Just Like Paradise” and “Hot Dog and a Shake”, but not the single “Stand Up” interestingly enough.   Present are the three singles from A Little Ain’t Enough: the bluesy “Tell the Truth,” the title track and the swanky “Sensible Shoes”.   Three tracks are included from Your Filthy Little Mouth, only one of which is a head-scratcher (the reggae infused “No Big ‘Ting”) but by-and-large this an acceptable slice of Warner Brothers era David Lee Roth.

What you readers are likely to be most interested in is the bonus DVD.  This “Deluxe Edition” (there’s no other edition available) includes most of Dave’s groundbreaking, genre-hopping classic music videos.  The “Dave TV” segment has uncut videos for “California Girls” and “Gigolo” interspersed with Dave’s commentary.  Continuing the fun are Dave’s first two “band” videos, “Yankee Rose” and “Goin’ Crazy!” along with Dave’s cast of characters.  These of course includes the fabulous Picasso Brothers!

As an added bonus they also included the Spanish version of “Goin’ Crazy!” (“¡Loco Del Calor!”) which appears to be an entirely unique cut, based on the same video shoot.  There are fewer costume changes and stunts, but it’s cool that Dave’s attention to detail included lip-synching an entirely separate video for another territory.

The odds and ends on this disc are pretty scarce, such as the videos for “Sensible Shoes”, “The Nightlife”, and “Tell the Truth”.  None of these videos are nearly as entertaining as the colourful classics.  Let’s face it, Dave’s great in front of a camera, but he’s at his best when it’s one hell of a party happening behind him.

In Canada, this is an import and I paid about $26.  In the US it’s under $19 which is a much more reasonable price.  For fans who don’t own anything, get this, it just makes sense to.  For fans who already have all the albums, you are now forewarned that you’re buying this solely for the DVD.  There’s nothing much else special in terms of packaging, although lyrics are included.

The CD:  3.5/5 stars

The DVD:  5/5 stars

Blended rating:  4.25/5 stars


Sonrisa Salvaje (Eat ‘Em and Smile 1986 – Spanish version) – Skyscraper (1988) – “Stand Up” promo remix – Your Filthy Little Mouth (1994 Japanese version) – DLR Band (1998) – Diamond Dave (2003)


  1. Let the formality skipping continue!
    I remember when you reviewed twisted sister, you had a good line about ‘no need to re-state the obvious’ with regard to the brilliance of We’re not gonna take it – I think I’ve even borrowed that line describing another album with massive hits, so my thanks!


    1. Well, Rob V. on Facebook pointed out another exclusion, which is “Ladies Night In Buffalo” and he’s right, it’s a great track. And our friend 1537 misses Damn Good. Ladies Night In Buffalo is on the older hits CD, The Best.

      Really I’m more excited by the DVD in this thing than the CD, which isn’t usually the case for me. The music videos are so iconic it’s a no brainer to do a DVD.


  2. Yeah the track listing is a head scratcher for sure!
    I mean u can dig into some of his deeper tracks like Hina or Drop In The Bucket as well but what can u do,Dave is in a different headspace than the rest of society anyways!!!


    1. Yeah that’s true. And he loves his different styles of music. It makes sense in a weird way that he would put a country tune like Hey Ya Never Know on this, but not a hard rock single like She’s My Machine.


  3. Hey I missed this review!

    Torn also, can anyone tell me if those BEST OF tunes were remastered? If so that is IMO the better collection of songs over this one, while the remasters are tempting far too many omissions rightly pointed out in comments above some of which can be found on his first collection. Can’t find anywhere though whether that 97 Best Of record!?

    Otherwise here’s hoping DLR gets remasters of his back catalog out, far too many non single cuts worthy of the remaster, Damn Good, Hina (essential Roth), Drop In The Bucket, Tell The Truth (more essential Roth), Knucklebones…

    Another good review, thanks for the scans again (ya know I don’t exactly dislike the cover art, certainly more ‘age appropriate’ now but considering from whence the tunes came, would think most would prefer the chaps and fun right!?)


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