REVIEW: John Lennon vs. Van Halen – “Imagine a Jump” mashup

JOHN LENNON vs. VAN HALEN – “Imagine A Jump” mashup by “Mighty Mike”

I love it. It’s certainly not complex but it’s brilliant how the two songs fit together, given a little fidgeting with the timing. I really like this. I never would have “imagined” (see what I did there?) these two songs fitting together like this.

One of the cool things about the internet, digital music, and computers in every home is that people can create something like this themselves. While it’s not the same as writing and recording your own original music, I think there’s a certain amount of creativity involved in envisioning a mashup this well executed.

Lennon’s vocal has been erased and we’re left with just the piano and drums from “Imagine”. Dave’s vocal from 1984 has been reduced to a capella, and it melds seamlessly with Lennon’s piano recorded in 1971. I think I will always think of one song, when I hear the other in the future.

Very enjoyable. Time to listen again!

4/5 stars



  1. This sort of reminds me of the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz mash up. But it’s more enjoyable because it’s short and you don’t have to try so hard to sync it up.


  2. If this was done with a “Sammy Halen” song i would be offended on principle- The main question I always ask on something like this is “Does it work?” …and this one works beautifully. This is a re-blog Thanks mate


  3. This is really neat.

    I went through a phase of downloading all sorts of these mash-ups. Many of them worked OK but weren’t worth a re-play. This would be one I’d say was worth it, though. Too bad I didn’t keep all of that stuff. There were some awesome ones (none of which are coming to mind right now, of course).


  4. Great stuff Mike! Check out the mashup of Folsom Prison Blues and Pinball Wizard. Also there’s one of Stairway to Heaven and Gilligan’s Island floating around someplace. Thanks.


  5. I recommend Troop It (Michael Jackson + Iron Maiden) and Staying in Black (AC DC + Beegees). Should both be available on youtube under a similar name if not the exact

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