REVIEW: Megadeth – “Creepy Baby Head” (“Crown of Worms” CD single)

Welcome back to the WEEK OF SINGLES 2! Each day this week we’re look at rare singles.

Monday: Dream Theater – “Lie” (CD single)
Tuesday: Jimi Hendrix – “Valleys of Neptune” (7″ single)
Wednesday: Them Crooked Vultures – “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” (10″ single)

MEGADETH – “Crown of Worms” (1994 Capitol promo CD single)
also known as the “Creepy Baby Head”

Here’s a real treasure that I acquired via T-Rev’s store for about $4.  Lately this thing’s been going on Discogs for $36, which must be solely for the packaging.  All the tracks have been available on various Megadeth collections for a long time now, although “Crown Of Worms” was originally a rare track.  It’s a co-write between Dave Mustaine and Sean Harris from Diamond Head.    It kicks some serious ass, but it’s no longer a song that’s worth $36.  I think what makes this single command high prices is the bizarre baby head slip case.  That and the fact that it was a promotional CD, meaning it was never intended for sale and only small numbers were made.

A while back I made a video explaining what a promo CD was, which featured the “Creepy Baby Head”.  You can check out that video below.   The head obviously ties into the Youthanasia album artwork but otherwise there’s nothing else externally to tie it to the band.  No logo, no tracklist, just the serial number DPRO-79448.

As mentioned, “Crown of Worms” kicks some serious ass.  I was a big fan of the Mustaine/Ellefson/Friedman/Menza lineup of Megadeth, and this song was not only album worthy but single worthy.  Nick Menza sounds great on it, and the song just smokes from start to finish.  Killer riff, too.  Mustaine’s at his snarly best.

The other two tracks are both Youthanasia album songs:  “Black Curtains” and the single “Train of Consequence”.  “Black Curtains” is a lot more doomy, kind of like “Harvester of Sorrow” (perhaps).  “Train of Consequence” seemed to alienate some fans back in ’94, but I think it’s a strong single if a bit more melodic then some would have liked.  It still has a cool stuttery riff and a vintage Dave vocal.  It’s rhythmically interesting and I think the guitar solo is ace.

There is no way I would pay $36 for this thing, and I’d advise you to keep searching the used CD shops. Promos were funny things. Record store and radio stations would be sent these things, and a lot of the time nobody gave a damn. They would end up in the hands of a non-fan and sold at a pawn shop or another CD store. While today some fans will pay a lot of money for this, you know that copies will end up in used CD stores without a $36 price tag.  You just have to do the legwork and find it.

4/5 stars



  1. Never ever seen this one Mike…kinda freaky to say the least! Train Of Consequences to this day I feel is one of there best songs,loved it at the time of release and love it now….solid tune. But than again when I listen to Megadeth nowadays it’s pretty much Rust In Peace,Countdown and Youth…..I guess you could say I’m the more mainstream Megadeth guy out there!
    But seriously if u have the chance check out the Countdown 20th anniversary edition with the live San Fran disc included…’s a excellent show recorded from 93….u may have it but if not get it!


  2. I really like the Youthanasia period and I’m with you on the Friedman/Menza lineup (although I always found Countdown… to be strangely over-rated – I find it very patchy)

    And as for the creepy baby head… the picture of you with it on the video reminds of the bit on the Unmasked cover where they all take their masks off. Only waayyy more horrific.


    1. Holy crap you’re right. I knew it was eerily familiar.

      Youthanasia was described as a “dog” of an album in a Rolling Stone writeup. That really pissed me off. It was so untrendy to like Megadeth in 1994. The guy probably hadn’t even heard the whole thing.


  3. Hah, I was half expecting a random obscure Megadeth song – not MY FAVOURITE MEGADETH SONG EVAH!!!

    Train of Consequences is the one song that got me started into listening to Megadeth back in ’07. My husband had it playing idly in the background, and I was all, “hmm, what song is that??” Then, I had him make me a mixed Megadeth CD for my car while I traveled back and forth to school and work.

    One more story:
    I had a friend in HS – Caley – who was the biggest Mustaine fan ever. She was so sweet, smart, athletic…but total metalhead. She could talk about Megadeth forever. I was going through my Led Zep / New Order phase, so wasn’t interested in Megadeth back then, but I always remembered Dave Mustaine’s name. Here I am digging Megadeth. Funny how that happens!


    1. What a cool story! It’s that kind of story I like. Train of Consequence is still a tune that stands up today. It’s funny to me that your friend had a Mustaine fixation, I don’t know if I ever met anybody who had a Megadeth obsession! You meet lots of Metallica-heads, not so many Megadeth ones.


      1. When she said her favourite band was “Megadeth”, I thought she was joking…she was not the type you’d peg for metal… Then, she showed up to school in an MF Megadeth t-shirt! She meant business! I had never heard of Mustaine before her.


    1. Totally unplanned man. But I like that it works out that way! Thanks for pointing it out! And glad you enjoy the singles week. I am having a blast. I love show and tell!

      Also: You will be seeing more “Week of…” series in the future.


  4. I’m glad you re-posted the video because as soon as I saw it I said hey! That’s that creepy baby head from that promo video he made ages ago! And I was all set to mention it… but you were way ahead of me as usual.


  5. This particular promo item was a giveaway on their website in 1994 (which is how I got one). The web was still in its infancy in that year and Megadeth was one of the first bands to really have a website at that time. I think the deal was that you had to sign up for their mailing list at the time (although I may be wrong about that).

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