Pre-Ordered: KISS 40 (Japanese with bonus track)


You had to know Kiss were going to come out with another Greatest Hits set to celebrate their 40th anniversary. This is in addition to the massive, beautiful Kissteria vinyl box set. I’m looking forward to KISS 40, since it will include some live recordings previously only available on Kiss’ Instant Live discs. It will also include “Reputation”, an early Kiss demo previously unreleased.

In addition, the Japanese will get their own exclusive bonus track, so I have pre-ordered that version from the fine folks over at CDJapan. I have been a satisfied customer there since 2008.

Complete KISS 40 tracklist is below:

    1. ‘Nothin To Lose’
    2. ‘Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll’
    3. ‘C’mon and Love Me’
    4. ‘Rock And Roll All Nite’ (Live)
    5. ‘God Of Thunder’ (Demo)
    6. ‘Beth’
    7. ‘Hard Luck Woman’
    8. ‘Reputation’ (Demo) – Previously Unreleased
    9. ‘Christine Sixteen’
    10. ‘Shout It Out Loud’ (Live)
    11. ‘Strutter ‘78′
    12. ‘You Matter To Me’ (Peter Criss)
    13. ‘Radioactive’ (Gene Simmons)
    14. ‘New York Groove’ (Ace Frehley)
    15. ‘Hold Me, Touch Me’ (Paul Stanley)
    16. ‘I Was Made For Lovin’ You’ (Single Edit)
    17. ‘Shandi’
    18. ‘A World Without Heroes’
    19. ‘I Love It Loud’
    20. ‘Down On Your Knees’
    21. ‘Lick It Up’
    22. ‘Heaven’s On Fire’
    23. ‘Tears Are Falling’
    24. ‘Reason To Live’
    25. ‘Let’s Put The X In Sex’
    26. ‘Forever’ (Remix)
    27. ‘God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II’
    28. ‘Unholy’ (Live)
    29. ‘Do You Love Me?’ (MTV Unplugged)
    30. ‘Room Service’ (Live)
    31. ‘Jungle’ (Radio Edit)
    32. ‘Psycho Circus’
    33. ‘Nothing Can Keep Me From You’ (Detroit Rock City soundtrack)
    34. ‘Detroit Rock City’ (Live)
    35. ‘Deuce’ (Live 2004) – Unreleased commercially
    36. ‘Firehouse’ (Live – 1999/2000)
    37. ‘Modern Day Delilah’
    38. ‘Cold Gin’ (Live 2009) – Unreleased commercially
    39. ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’ (Live 2010) – Unreleased commercially
    40. ‘Hell or Hallelujah’
    41. ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ (Live in Japan 2013) – Japanese bonus track

Good enough for me. KISS 40 comes out May 27 2014.


  1. Its hard to imagine they have anything unreleased at this stage, considering they could put the song out by itself on a record made of cocaine, jewels and the bones of a t-rex and people would still buy it.


    1. I have always said they could release an album of Gene Simmons farting.

      Kiss have loads of unreleased stuff in the vaults that they are sitting on. And financially, that’s smart — no member of Kiss would have to worry about their kids needing to get a job! I would not be surprised at all if Paul and Gene have a couple of box sets of unreleased material lined up conceptually. There’s so much out there.

      There’s their first album, Wicked Lester, begging for an official release. There’s the famous Van Halen demos for Love Gun, with Alex and Eddie on backing instruments. There’s oodles of Elder demos just dying to be heard in good quality. So much that we know of, or have in shit bootleg quality.


        1. There are definitely things they were that were extra to Creatures and Revenge though I don’t know what might be recorded. Sonic Boom and Monster, I have no idea if anything extra was written.

          Bryan Adams recorded one Creatures outtake on his album Cuts Like A Knife, co-written by Eric Carr.


      1. And don’t forget that Kiss recorded a whole album after Dressed To Kill that got shelved. Some of the songs ended up on Gene Simmons ’78 solo album.


  2. Haha Mike you know my deal with bands like Kiss and Aero releasing yet again another comp!!
    This one looks cool yeah we all have most of the songs and yeah do I really need another round of Beth???…but for some reason the track listing,unreleased live and demos looks intriguing and perhaps your review as well has sold me on it kinda like how I sold La Futura to ya……
    Gonna have to get this…….
    And my man there goes goes some of my hate towards another Kiss comp!!


    1. At least this Kiss comp has a purpose and is official. It has a song from each album, live included, and enough unreleased stuff to justify its existence. I don’t know if I would recommend KISS 40 to first time buyers, but that’ll have to wait for the review.


  3. There’s enough stuff I don’t have on here to warrant a purchase but I can’t help feeling KISS should call it a day with the compilations. Would a 4 CD box of just rarities really be too much to ask? Other bands seem to manage it.


    1. True, but Kiss would argue that “this is for the people who are buying their first Kiss CD.” Or whatever. They’d said, “We already released a box set, and it’s 40 LPs and only $1500!”


        1. Yeah absolutely, you know me well. I am the fan that would buy a CD of Gene farting. And he knows there’s thousands of us. All you can hope is that when it comes down to the next box set or CD of unreleased goodies, that they keep an eye on the quality. Some people bitched about the Box Set — I’m not one of those people, but I can understand some of their point of view.


        2. I think they put just enough goodies in the box set for me to be happy. And I thought it sounded great too… the book was awesome as well. Yeah, I wouldn’t bitch about that one.

          Shame Gene has used the title Asshole already. It would have been perfect for his upcoming fans-only collection of his greatest Bum-trumpeting.


        3. Absolutely. In fact I’m firm in my belief that farts help anything.

          I recall a Faith No More concert I had on video. I believe it was Rock In Rio 1990 and I think it was The Crab Song. Mike Patton put the mike up to his ass, farts, and tells the crowd, “That was real.”


  4. “A little light on Creature of the Night material, eh?”

    Well, I think the whole idea is only one studio track from each studio album so that’s not a surprise…


    1. True that, but it would have been nice if more Creatures tunes were included as live tracks. I’d prefer that to another live version of Detroit or Deuce, but I will reserve judgement until I hear the whole album flow.


  5. Hold Me Touch Me. Reason To Live. Let’s Put the X In Sex. For real? I wouldn’t spend a penny on an comp album with these songs on it. Actually, when I look at the tracklist, I really can’t find one single reason to spend money on this.


      1. Not really. I have never been that big on live tracks and I have heard most of them live anyway. That one unrelased song doesn’t justify for opening my wallet.
        I would love them to relase a double album full of unreleased demos and stuff like that but this is just a cop out, just like all their compilation albums.


  6. Awe Mike,I caved I bought this on iTunes hahaha…..
    I just liked the running order on this release and well Jesus I went Againest my own words but I will say ….
    That God Of Thunder demo is friggin cool with a added hint of cheese included!
    Love it….


  7. Look forward to your review on by song ..hahahaha…..I read what u said over at Aaron’s site…..
    41 I guess with the Japanese release !


  8. Yeah for sure…George looks like it’s 1984 all over again with the look and the guitar!
    Straight To The Top……..Tooth & Nail!


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