REVIEW: KISS – Destroyer (Resurrected) replacement CD

My original Kiss – Destroyer (Resurrected) review can be found here.

SAM_0347KISS – Destroyer (Resurrected) (2012 Universal, replacement CD)

Good day, loyal LeBrain readers.

Back in 2012, Scott your Heavy Metal OverloRd informed me of a flaw in Kiss’ Destroyer (Resurrected) CD.  As he noted then, on the song “Flaming Youth”, there seemed to be a skip or some music missing: “It’s only about 4 seconds in just before Paul sings ‘Whoa Yeah’. It’s like there’s a half beat missing or something.”

When I noticed what he was talking about, it did effect my enjoyment of the CD. Once you hear it, you cannot un-hear it. I haven’t played Resurrected much in the last year and a half. Even iTunes downloads were affected by the flaw.

Then, recently, Scott informed me that Universal were replacing defective CDs for those who bought them. I didn’t realize this, in fact I read nothing about it on the numerous rock sites I read daily. Scott found a contact email for a gentleman at Universal who was in charge of the replacement CDs. I contacted him, and he responded to me within 24 hours with instructions to provide a proof of purchase, which I also did. He then told me he would send out the replacement CD as soon as possible. No fuss, no muss!

I received my replacement copy today. I was surprised to see that Universal sent me not just a CD (as sometimes is the case) but a sealed CD in jewel case. This replacement copy was obviously different as soon as I popped into my computer: the track time of “Flaming Youth” is 3:00 instead of 2:59…and the skip is gone!

I’m enjoying revisiting Destroyer (Resurrected). It is less glaringly different sounding now than it was a year and a half ago. I think I’m actually enjoying it more, for what it is. I’m also enjoying the booklet and liner notes (by Bob Ezrin) once again.  Now that I finally have a copy without that annoying flaw, I think this will become the version of Destroyer that I listen to most.  The reason is, after enjoying the original Destroyer for decades, this sounds fresh and surprising to my aged ears.  When you listen to music that you know and love, you expect every note and every sound exactly as they always have been.  When an album gets a subtle facelift like this, the songs continually surprise me.  Every time I notice a difference, it forces me to pay attention.  When it’s a bad remix, that’s annoying.  When it’s a good remix, it’s enjoyable.

One final note:  Universal sent me an American pressing, and it is very different looking than my old Canadian version!  I don’t know if the design of the CD art was changed specifically for the “fixed” pressing, or if all American pressings have always looked like this.  Where previously I had a silver CD with a Casablanca logo and designed to look like an old LP, this version has a black CD — both sides!  The Casablanca logo is still there, but the design is otherwise different.   Instead of silver artwork with faux-LP grooves, it’s a plain black disc.  It’s uber-cool looking and I like it a lot.

Revised score:  3.5/5 stars

And thanks to Aaron at Universal


        1. Probably just certain areas. One thing I love about Canada is that we do have our own accents…someone from the east sounds distinctly different then someone from Ontario. And Newfoundland is almost its own dialect. The further east you go in Canada, in general, we start to sound more like you. Place names too. “Nova Scotia” has a pretty obvious origin.


        2. That is in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Most people at my work come from that side of the country. They said to me, “Mike, you don’t know how true to life that show is. When I see that show, I think of going down home.” Stuff like that. I’m sure they’re exaggerating. I hope they are.


        3. You know what you might enjoy, if you get the chance? Billy Connolly did a four episode documentary series on the Canadian north. The name slips my mind but I’m sure you could Google it. It was fantastic. He lands in Halifax, spends some time there, and then works his way north, through the North West Passage.


  1. Cool story Mike,that’s awesome that some one in the music biz stepped up and delivered!
    I just wish they would have done more with this release so for that I passed on it.
    Buts it cool that it worked out for ya…
    Thanks for posting the pics etc……
    Layout looks cool…..


    1. Thanks man!

      (I just take the pics; WordPress lays ’em out.)

      I think this is sort of a nice “for fans only” taste. Certainly not essential. I just read Jon’s review again, and he really likes it!


  2. Looks cool, Mike. Glad they replaced it for you, and now you’ve got a couple of versions (which I know is never a problem for you). Destroyer was one of the few Kiss albums I haven’t upgraded from my original CD pressing, so now I’m a couple of remasters behind. Not sure I need this “resurrected” version but one day I’d like to hear it.


    1. Rich, knowing how massive your music collection is, I don’t think you need this version. In fact I’m sure Kiss will release another proper remaster some time. Maybe for Destroyer’s 40th in 2016. But there are lots of songs on youtube if you wanna check em.


    1. Looks like waaay back when I first commented on your review, I complained about the lack of replacement CDs. How wrong I was!

      Of course I have the Kevin Shirley mix of Come Taste the Band. I have everything by Deep Purple :) EVERYTHING!


  3. I agree with most here, good on ’em for stepping up and correcting the problem.

    Of course, I will also note that this is just further proof that people named Aaron rawk.


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