REVIEW: Anthrax – Live from Sonisphere Festival 2010 (picture disc EP)

Welcome back to the Week of the Singles 3! Each day this week we’ll be looking at rare singles and EPs.

MONDAY: OZZY OSBOURNE – Ultimate Live Ozzy (1986 CBS picture 12″ record)
TUESDAY: BON JOVI – Livin’ On A Prayer (double 12″ EP)

ANTHRAX – Live from Sonisphere Festival 2010 (picture disc EP, Record Store Day exclusive)

I don’t get these Record Store Day exclusives, honestly.  I saw this thing for a reasonable price on Amazon and bought it without even knowing it was some kind of “exclusive”.  I sure didn’t buy it at a record store, but I won’t turn this into a Record Store Day rant.

This is a very nice looking picture disc. I wouldn’t recommend playing it too often, you know how quickly a picture disc can wear out. If you’re lucky enough to own the Big Four Live CD box set, you won’t need to play this.   I don’t have that very limited set, but these two Anthrax performances make me want it! “Medusa”, an oldie from the Anthrax days of yore (Spreading the Disease), is just as powerful as ever.  Belladonna’s voice has changed, but not enough to matter.  The song has been tuned down, but that really only makes it heavier.

“Only”, the first single from the John Bush era of the band, is on the other side.  This is one of the best Anthrax songs ever, in my opinion.  Joey certainly turns a more than able performance.  He sounds at home, and I quite enjoy his version, especially when he starts shrieking before the guitar solo.

I loved this single, and I was surprised how awesome Joey sounded. I really lost track of Anthrax after the We’ve Come For You All period and haven’t been too excited about all the rotating singers since then. However since Joey’s been back (for hopefully the rest of the band’s life) I’ve been a lot more interested, and that’s why I bought this. I didn’t know how good he would sound on the Bush-era stuff, and “Medusa” smokes with furious intensity too.

Good single, I’d really like that box set.

4/5 stars




  1. Geez Mike the last Anthrax I bought was State Of Euphoria back in 88!
    Hahaha……I’m officially Ancient!
    My brother yrs ago bought the Bush era Anthrax that was pretty good.
    This is cool review…..glad u dig it!

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    1. State of Euphoria! Great album. The next album Persistence of Time seemed to me to be there peak…. I do like the first John Bush album but i certainly have a thing for Anthrax in the early days. I remember .. in 1983 .. going to a Kitchener store called Records on Wheels where i bought Kill Em’ All …. 1984 and A Fistful of Metal on vinyl on the same day. Talk about an eye opener for a 13 year old kid ..

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      1. I agree with Persistence. And I remember Records on Wheels…man that seems like forever ago. I still have the Quiet Riot and MSG singles I bought from them. MSG was clear vinyl.


  2. This is a very cool single too. I’m new to the Anthrax thing, but I get it. I really do.

    Also: nice pice with the vinyl spinning. How many times did you have to try to get it that close to right side up?


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