Part 311: Record Store Gallery IV (Shite Photies)

RECORD STORE TALES Part 311: Record Store Gallery IV (Shite Photies)

This is what it’s come to in this crap-fest known as Record Store Tales:  Another batch of semi-embarrassing photos of a much younger and thinner LeBrain.  These are from a party circa 2003 or so.  I can’t remember the names of anybody in these photos except one, which is Jesse Villemaire (last photo), the owner of Thrive tattoo studios in Cambridge.  I can’t remember a single other name!

Long time LeBrain readers will recall that vintage Marillion tour shirt (that I don’t fit into anymore) from Part 126:  The Marillion Shirt.


  1. Haha, shite photies!
    Oh 2003…those pics look old…and it wasn’t terribly long ago. Probably because they are scans?
    I think I was fatter in 2003 than I am today. I’ll have to drudge up some shite photies of my own to verify.
    Nice lip ring. And do I witness frosted tips in the hair? I like the girl’s blue hair. Her look reminds me of a friend of mine who wore her hair like that.
    Great post!
    (Yes, I’m up waaaay too early – 4:30. Body’s prolly worried about Monday when I’m back to work from vacay. Boooo).


    1. Yeah that could be your anxiety. Me, I’m up at 6, for similar reasons — I am excited to cram as much music as I can into the day, and I’m continuing on a pretty major review right now. Let’s just say that the album I’m working on now doesn’t NEED a review because everyone owns it.

      Anyway. Yeah, my mom hating the lip ring. Girls sure did like it though! ;)


        1. You grow up? lol Just kidding. You never grew up, right? ;)
          I think I remember telling you my ears are healing from infection. Happy to say I am now wearing earrings again (since May), though the psoriasis wants nothing more but to make a home there again. I have to be hyper-vigilant, and sweaty weather makes that difficult. I know, TMI – but I am really excited to wear earrings again. Had to share.


        2. My buddy Rob V has psoriasis so it doesn’t bother me. He’s a neat guy. He doesn’t believe in social niceties such as ignoring scabs etc. He’ll say flat out, “Are you looking at my arm? It’s OK if you are, just say so, don’t say you’re reading my T-shirt.” So ever since he said that it’s nothing bothered me.


        3. That’s good! I’ve had people ask me what’s wrong with MY FACE?!? Rudely! I don’t mind if they ask, but be nice or effing leave!
          I’ve had eczema, psoriasis and sebhorreic dermatitis to varying degrees since I was 6. I have eczema on my face, and I am quite pale, so it shows when it flares up. Nothing I can do, so I live with it. I have cream, but doesn’t always work. Winters are brutal. Sweating is bad for it all too. My face is about the only “place” anyone can see it. I’ve come to terms with it. Sometimes it will be bad, sometimes my skin will look good. Thankfully, I’ve grown out of my acne stage…
          I’m jealy of my mom and sis – they have beautiful skin – no eczema, no zits. This is where life can be unfair.


    1. I was wondering what kind of beer in a green bottle you were downing…Steamwhistle? Rolling Rock? Then I figured: “The champagne of ales (Canada Dry)”. lol


        1. Yes, I was irritated when they changed the sizing to be more in line with the US style of sizing. I knew about the sizing scheme in 2011 when we were in Buffalo – Walden Galleria has a Tims – and their sizing was so out of whack.
          My avatar with the Tims cup, it’s sort of a joke; the joke being on me – that was a MEDIUM cafe mocha – my first buy after they changed the sizing. My go-to was always Medium. Now the medium is a large, small is medium, and extra small is no longer, the bastards!


        2. Jen’s dad used to only drink smalls. Which then became the extra-small, which they no longer sell. He liked it because he was a driver and didn’t spill those.


  2. Hooray for shite photies! D’aw lookit the wee little Lebrain! :)

    Canada Dry rules, man. Schweppes is for tools. And yes, I am a grown man with a serious opinion about ginger ale.

    You think Timmy’s coffees got big, try the new cups at McDo. They just abandon the word “cup” in favour of the word “vat.”


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