Part 126: The Marillion Shirt (VIDEO BLOG)

RECORD STORE TALES PART 126:  The Marillion Shirt

Thanks Heather.



  1. Nice! Proof that what goes around comes around, as a boss. You hear that, bosses out there? Don’t be a dick and your staff might like you!

    Also man, I’ve been to many places in this country, but Ottowa is still on my bucket list. It’s just so remote, nigh on inaccessbile except for those few short weeks of pontoon plane opportunity every year. Still, a guy can dream. And I’m impressed that Marillion went to all the work to make a show happen up there. With such a small local population, and with the best travel weeks being prime black fly season, they had to be doing it for the love of the music, at that point.


    1. Marillion were a lot bigger then, than now. They were really building on their popularity and were gearing up for a new album produced by Bob Ezrin that in theory was supposed to blow them sky high.

      That never happened. They were overworked to the breaking point, Ezrin rejected all their songs, and Marillion became the next band to split with their iconic, irreplaceable lead singer…and successfully replace him.

      Anyway I can’t speak to the logistics of playing on “Ottowa” but kudos to them.

      I’ve been to Ottawa maybe 10 times over the years. All of our dogs came from Ottawa, interestingly. My mom’s cousin is a breeder, and she lives there.


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