New book: Martin Popoff – Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative Max Webster

You know this is gonna be good. Popoff writing the definitive book on his fave band of all time? I’m in. I ordered this with his Scorpions bio.

Dirty details:

260 pages, 100,000 words. Pics: live, studio, records, etc.

The sound, as per Popoff: 92% Blue Oyster Cult crossed with Cheap Trick, topped by 4% Kansas and 4% Zappa.

I’ve made no secret of my love for this band, and Martin’s books.   Now he’s finally shedding light on a band about whom info is usually scarce.   It’s a must for me, and all fans of Canadian rock.

Contact Martin, and his site for lots of books and ordering info.



  1. Cool looking book…this is great stuff from Popoff he is the only writer I can trust that writes unauthorized material cuz I know he’s not a bullshitter……
    Between him and Jensen you can’t go wrong……

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    1. You’re too kind man. Popoff is my hero. All I do is rip off his style. But he’d a good guy, always answers his emails.

      When I get this I might have to stop reading Paul Stanley’s book and jump into this!


  2. Between you and Martin, you guys are most responsible for me rummaging through my thousands of CD’s looking for something I forgot I had, knew I had, had to have, have to have, where the f@ck did that go!?!?!? The thing I love about Martin is he still publishes books that compile his writings, interviews, and reviews…hard copies, to be treasured forever. A large corner of my bookshelf holds my many Popoff books. One of the last of a breed, passionate and thorough. It comes as NO surprise that you, Mike, love him. And, he always inscribed the books he ships. Class act.


    1. Dude, thank you thank you.

      And yes he always signs his books, personalized! I had him sign some for my buddy Peter and he happily obliged. His shipping rates are more than fair and the books are quality. The guy’s a gem.


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