VIDEO: Dr. Kathryn Ladano ambushed by Ambush Schnauzer Paparazzi!

EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Kathryn talks about new album MASKED out later this year!


    1. His sister is brave. Coming from someone that was born with red hair, I never understood why people would want to dye it that color since we get picked on for it in elementary school. I applaud her for empathizing with us legitimate red heads. I’m blessed enough to not have freckles though, so I’m not what people call a ginger.

      Dr. Kathryn, if you’re reading this, you have my utmost respect. You’re challenging Harrison’s #1 status.

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        1. More auburn than anything else. I am an enigma.

          I can’t get over how much this “Dr. Kathryn” character seems to look like that LeBrain fella. It’s almost like they’re related or something. What say you, Harrison Kopp?

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        2. They could be, but I’m not sure. Ladano is a very common surname, so common in fact that there are different regional pronunciations. See- . I think this LeBrain fella is just a crazy super-fanboy who lives in her area and bothers her.

          Please don’t use the word ‘enigma’ if possible. I get Batman Forever flashbacks. Nasty stuff.

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        3. Haha! Edward Nigma. Who the hell wrote that screenplay? Say what you will, but it’s not as bad as the fourth one.

          I think I’d revise the scores on my Batman reviews. I think I do prefer Returns now just because it’s so much more daring and confident. Plus I think the characters are more fleshed out, and the plot doesn’t seem quite as flat, even if it is really absurd.

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        4. I prefer Returns too. The first one, even with Nicholson, just doesn’t have that same feel. Returns might even be my favourite Batman movie ever. It just has something truly ‘Batman’ about it. It is almost the perfect Batman film in my eyes. If he didn’t kill then it would be.

          But I have to disagree with you on Forever vs BaR. Batman Forever is the worst in my eyes. Carey and Lee-Jones are just trying to out-Joker each other and the plot is crap (as you undoubtedly and unfortunately know). Batman and Robin is, at least in some parts, actually kind of fun. It has some enjoyable moments, and Clooney is actually one of my favourite Batman actors. Even if what he’s saying isn’t the best, his delivery and tone are great to me.

          There are also some actual good exchanges of dialogue, few and far between, and the Freeze suit design is probably the best of all time. And “I hope Mr Bane can swim!” always gets me. i love that line, Bane being referred to as a “Mr” just cracks me up.

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        5. Arnold is awesome in Batman & Robin, but Arnold is awesome in everything. I thought Val Kilmer did a good job, but I agree with you that Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones were insufferable in that movie. I think Uma Thurman is just as bad as those two guys were though. B&R is just so incompetent, although the scenes between Wayne and Alfred are actually surprisingly effective. The scenes they were talking were talking alone as Alfred was dying were the only times in the movie that I didn’t have to force myself from averting my eyes.

          I really want to like Tim Burton more, but a problem with a lot of his older movies is he spends so much time crafting these interesting and sympathetic characters and the atmosphere of the picture that he forgets that something has to happen to get us from the beginning to the end of the movie. That’s my main critique of the original Batman, it doesn’t seem like the plot is driving the film, shit just sort of seems to be happening, with little rhyme or reason. I have the same critique of Edward Scissorhands. That one doesn’t cut the mustard for me, even though most people like it. It just doesn’t seem to have any connective tissue, and the ending is oversimplified and lame. I love the concept, the character, the atmosphere, and the set design, but the plot is just half-assed. I like Batman ’89 though overall, despite its flaws. Ed Wood is easily Burton’s greatest and most fully realized project.

          What is it with you and I liking sequels better than originals, and LeBrain being the opposite? First Iron Maiden’s Killers, and now Batman Returns (LeBrain prefers the first one).

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      1. Yeah Uma Thurman is definitely not good in it. the Freeze parts were definitely better, although I’d put Thurman just a bit higher than Carrey and Lee-Jones. Those two were a special kind of terrible in that movie. I’ve always loved Michael Gough’s Alfred though. he’s probably my second or third favourite (depending on the day the ranking changes between Michael Gough, Sean Pertwee and Michael Caine)

        I haven’t seen Edward Scissorhands but your critique of Burton seems absolutely spot on, and I can definitely see it in relation to Batman ’89. Returns too, but I like Returns more so I let it off easy.

        I’m definitely more of a sequels guy- Aliens, Jurassic Park 2, Mad Max 2, Batman Returns, Predator 2… ETC. It’s probably just a series of unique coincidences though. I’m not sure why LeBrain is an originals guy, you’d have to ask him, although I doubt he knows exactly either. And I’m sorry to report that Killers is slipping from my mind. I really really need to give it a re-listen pronto.

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        1. Predator 2? Woah! Slow down there! Definitely like the original better there. I prefer the first Godfather as well. I don’t think the second one is near as good actually, but it’s still really great.

          Play Killers, maximum volume.

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        2. Haven’t seen any Godfathers, so I can’t comment there, but sorry, no slowing down. I prefer Predator 2 so much more than the original.

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      2. Funny thing – my best friend Bob had the most flaming natural red hair you’ve ever seen. But he NEVER got picked on — he was one of the biggest kids on the block! So I was completely unaware about this “ginger” stigma until recently!


        1. I had a friend in school with flaming long raid hair too. He was 1.96 meters and a solid 122.47 kilograms. No one bullied him.

          I, on the other hand, come in at about 1.7 meters and a hefty 55.79 kilograms. I was an easier target, but no one really cared after about the hair after third grade.


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