Gallery: Other Stuff I Collect That Isn’t Music

I collect toys.  Lots of toys.


  1. Nice lighthouses! (leave it to the chick to notice the wall decoration lmao)

    Seriously, though, nice collection! I hope you do all the dusting in that room!


        1. I used to have a sign that said “Dust testing in progress. Do not disturb samples”. Perhaps you need one of those, too. i got rid of my dust-catchers, as I hate to dust. I used to collect bookends, and had some pretty interesting ones. I donated them for the library book sale long ago…


      1. Honestly, I don’t like them. I liked them when they first came out, but they’re just not that great any more. They must have changed the recipe or something. My opinion…


        1. Well, considering Wendy’s ownd Tims, I think we will probably see the Wendys-Tims disappear. Replaced with Burger King- Tims? Blech, not a fan of microwaved burgers…


        2. When we lived in Montreal, our buddy George loved BK. He would insist on taking me there on lunch break from work, sometimes. He always got the chicken thing though (with more mayo than one human being ought to ingest in one sitting). I don’t remember what I choked down but it surely was not good. I usually brown-bag my lunch. I am not the fast food target audience. At all.

          As for Wendy’s, I think I’ve had it once? On a road trip through Alberta. It was the only restaurant at the gas stop on the highway. Weren’t their nasty “hamburgers” square? Am I remembering that wrong? Because nothing says totally fresh, made on the spot burger like a perfectly square patty. Ugh.

          I’ve built a watch here just to say that if it’s Wendy’s or BK that owns the thing, it’s all the same sh*te to me.


        3. I grew up on fast food and going out to eat. McDonalds was +1 to me growing up. Wendy’s was a treat when it finally opened in Sudbury in 1990. All that food’s pretty gross to me now. We don’t eat at them – haven’t for 15 years now. But, BK was NEVER good. My ex-bro-inlaw used to work at BK when we were in HS…he had some horrid stories. And the microwave burgers is one of them. GROSS! We won’t eat at one even if it’s the only place for miles – we’d rather starve!
          About the only fast food joints we’ll entertain: Tims, Swiss Chalet/Harveys, Mr. Sub. Subway in a pinch, but since they have yoga-mat bread, I’ve been turned off to them.


        4. Our parents never took us to fast food places. At least, so rarely it doesn’t count as memories of it, for me. Of course, we grew up in such a small town, we had to drive quite a ways to even find one of those places. In retrospect, I count myself lucky!

          I do like a Harvey’s burger about once a year, just for the sheer grease of it, but I have a gas bbq on my deck and I make killer garlic burgers. I don’t need those places. :)

          Haha “yoga-mat bread.” Please do explain!


        5. Apparently the chemicals found in yoga mats are the same used in the bread they bake at Subway. It’s edible grade, but still, GROSS!

          I grew up with a single mom in middle management who had to share her time between work and us. Something had to give, so we’d eat out plenty.

          We rarely go out to eat. The hubs never ate out either, so I adapted. I have turned out to be a pretty good cook!


  2. Man, that is a serious collection. WAHOO! I do like toys, and you’ve got some awesome ones. Is that all of your Transformers or just what you have out?

    One of these days when I come to see you I want the TOUR! What’s admission price for the exhibit?


    1. James’ comment on one of the photos is that I need Kiss Mr. Potatohead, WWF dolls, and He-Man.

      These are actually mostly old photos. A lot of these guys are packed into boxes. All the Joes are. The Transformers currently on display are all different. I just like to change up my displays.


      1. I knew you’d packed up a lot of stuff in anticipation of a move. Any news on that one?

        What would they call the KISS potatohead? Gene Spuddons. Paul Spudley. Peter Crisps. Ace Spudley. I dunno, I’m stuck on spud. I can’t get tater to work. Bu t I know one thing would be true, if they did a Peter Criss one, he’s be playing the SKINS.


  3. That’s a pretty fine collection. I am particularly envious of the Star Wars figures. However, I have a friend at work whose collection might rival yours, though his is all still in packaging.


  4. Last comment, I promise! Your post is timely – my hubs will be posting a video of one of his most precious collections on YouTube this Friday! A collection commemorating a very famous movie, and it isn’t Star Wars!


  5. I want your Transformers! I was a bigger GI Joe fan when I was a kid, so I missed out on collecting many of the toys. All I remember owning were Cosmos, Cliffjumper, a beat up Sideswipe I got at a garage sale and possibly Bumblebee. Where they all went, I have no clue.


    1. Probably lost to another garage sale? I had all those guys except Cosmos. I have a newer version of him now. I had plenty of Joes too. My best Christmas was probably the one where I got the Joe hovercraft!


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