REVIEW: Aerosmith – The Other Side (1990 EP)

Welcome to the Week of EPs! No sooner do I finish the Record Stores Tales before I’m off on yet another series!  Each day this week, I’ll be checking out a variety of EP releases, both famed and obscure. Let’s start with a major band: Aerosmith.

THE OTHER SIDE_0001AEROSMITH – The Other Side (1990 Geffen EP)

The first time I bought this, it was on cassette in a mall in Calgary, Alberta in August of 1990.  I also bought Judas Priest’s Hero Hero at the same store, also on cassette.  A completist even then, there was no way I was leaving without The Other Side.  Of all my finds on that trip, this one I had never seen before.  I later replaced it on CD while working at the Record Store.

The Pump CD is a great album, probably my favourite.  The two songs from Pump that are on this single are “My Girl” and “The Other Side”, neither of which are really as great as the rest of Pump.  That’s in my opinion; “The Other Side” was a popular hit.  Notably, “The Other Side” lacks its intro, “Dulcimer Stomp” which may make it interesting for some.

The CD also has two useless remixes of “The Other Side”.  The “Matt Dike ‘Honky Tonk’ Version” is just as offensive as the “Club Mix”.  Maybe the Matt Dike version is slightly less offensive, but the added backing vocals and dance vibe is just crap.  Neither mix adds anything of value to the song, but they are dragged out to 5:09 (Matt Dike mix) and an agonizing 7:04 (Club mix).

The main track that I bought the disc for was “Theme from ‘Wayne’s World'”.  I actually had no idea what Wayne’s World was, although my cousin Geoff apparently did.  Back then, I wondered what the hell this was.  There were no liner notes to help either.  This track is a mere 1:29, and it’s a straight up recording of the Saturday Night Live performance by Aerosmith of that song.  I didn’t give a shit, I love it now.  Perfect filler for the end of a mix CD!

Since this CD consists of two album tracks, two pointless remixes and a 1:29 song, you must be sure not to pay too much for it.  As a kid I rarely played it, and the same can be said of the adult version of me.

2/5 stars



        1. I didn’t always hate it…I acknowledge that the lyrics were a big deal at the time. But man that song got old fast. And I’m sure they still fucking play it live.


      1. My brain is an endless source of music, on demand. I am my own iPod. I can run entire albums no problem in my big ol’ skull, but I probably couldn’t tell you anything of importance to the rest of the world unless I sat down and gave it a serious think.


        1. I sometimes wonder what my brain would be doing if I didn’t fill it with music. Maybe I would be the guy to invent warp engines, who knows. Too late for me now. I’m hooked on rock and roll.


  1. Hooray for Eep Week!

    I tended to stay away from EPs like this. I really just don’t like remixes, especially Dance Club screw-ups. It always seemed to me like, “well, we had all these different versions of this song, and we chose one for the album, but just in case we made the wrong choice here are a few more. And if you like one of these better, we sure will try to sell you more tracks like THAT in the future because we go which way the money goes.”

    Cynical? Haha maybe.

    Wayne’s World! Party On! Excellent!


    1. I didn’t exactly pick a “winner” to start this week did I? Well there was no rhyme or reason to that, just wanted an interesting band.

      Remixes are filler 98% of the time.


      1. Well, Aero is one of those bands that has done so much good stuff, it’s hard to stay mad at them when they cough up a hairball.

        Remixes. Generally – ugh. Almost an insult to the fans. Like, here, we’ve got this album track some of you might like, but instead of throwing in a couple of other tracks that didn’t make the album, we’ve got these DJs (turntableists hahaha oh my sides) who put all sorts of crap all over it so the tune is barely recognizable! So lng and thanks for all your money!


        1. Agree with all of this.

          And yes it’s hard to say mad when they cough up a hairball, especially bad then. But as a fan I’ve grown to expect very little out of remixes, but back then as a kid, I was disappointed!


      1. Meaningless? NO WAY! That thing is a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream! Eastern religion mixed with a blindfolded dude (he’s obs ‘justice’) while the third eye stares out from a raised palm? And the moon! ‘Cos we never went there! All floating mysteriously over the sea of our ignorance! Oh, and a hot chick with vaguely middle eastern features and a red face – is she the devil?!?

        Man, they could go on for days on this thing. I think this cover says A LOT! [adjusts tin foil hat]


        1. …And the moon is waning, obvs representative of the fall of our own roman empire over here, and it’s shaped like a scimitar so there’s lots to discuss there. The other side, indeed…”

          [prepares diatribe for youtube]


        1. Yessir! He’s one of the leaders in the conspiracy field, if you’ll call it that. Several books and a TV series.

          I actually do like the books. The series was crap, a waste of time. The books are great and have extensive bibliographies for further research, and I will say, he’s done his research. Even went so far to ask Fidel Castro what he knew about the JFK assassination.


    1. Something about his name, perhaps.

      Hey, off topic. My old customer Warren (RIP) had a funny habit of pronouncing it “Gee-off”, not Geoff. He used to refer to the guy from Asia as “Gee-off” Downes. Ever heard that before?


  2. Within the album context those two songs are fine. Taken away from it, not so much. This is the reason I’ve never been into EP’s that are just taken directly off records with no b-sides or outtakes and I’m never one for Dance remixes.


    1. Yeah agree. Both songs had a place on the album. The Other Side when paired with Dulcimer Stomp opened side two, I think.

      So essentially this CD should be bought only for the Wayne’s World song.


  3. The Other Side was the first Aerosmith tune I ever really heard (thanks to True Romance) and led me to check out more. This EP doesn’t look like much, though.


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