#324: I Heart…what?! (RSTs Mk II: Getting More Tale)

RECORD STORE TALES Mk II:  Getting More Tale

#324: I Heart…what?!

One Thursday evening, Jen and I were out and about at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo. I saw this Toronto Blue Jays sweatshirt in the window of an unnamed clothing store. Trying to hold in my laughter and remain stealthy, I quickly zipped into to take a photo of a shirt that somebody, somewhere thought was a good idea to make.

“Hey, you can’t take pictures in here!” the young girl working inside said to me.

“It’s OK,” I responded as I left. “That shirt is hilarious!”

I zoomed out into the corridor and caught up with Jen, still laughing.

The following week I walked past the same store. The Jays sweatshirt was no longer in the front window.

I’m fairly sure I’m not the first to have a laugh at the expense of this ill-conceived sweatshirt:



  1. Haha I remember you telling me about this. Oh man. You know what, who DOESN’T like BJs! Hahaha. Now I know the grammar nazi in me needs to sit down and let go the urge to say the apostrophe shows possession and makes me say BJ’s WHAT? BJ’s baseball bat? BJ’s glove? But no, the humour is too good for that. You shoulda bought the shirt, man! Mwahahahahaha!

    I like that the RSTs MKII are branching out. This was tons of fun!


        1. Yup almost two years. I even put my watermark on it, I have no memory of doing that but I clearly intended to use this pic a long time ago! This is so old, I had my Nokia. This was one of its last photos.

          I remember telling Jen “look at this photo,” but my phone battery died. That was close to the end of the phone.


        1. So, this time I was paying attention. I had an article scheduled for 1:30 am. (That’s so the people overseas have some morning reading they can do over coffee and breakfast!) I was on the dashboard and hit “edit”. It defaulted to the new editor, but it also immediately kicked the story AHEAD by 3 hours. Where it once said 10/19/2014, it changed to 10/18/2014, at 22:30.

          And all that I did was open it (new editor default), make a minor change (set feature image) and save without realizing the time and date had changed. So that’s obviously how this story got kicked ahead to publish last night. All I did was open it, insert the music video, and save. Didn’t look at the time or date at all.


        2. You say it automatically opened in the new reader? Hm. I hasn’t happened for me like that yet If I am viewing my blogpost live, and hit edit, it’ll automatically open in the new editor. Otherwise, I can still edit in the old editor.


        1. And I don’t mean that in a bad way of course! I hope nobody takes it that way. Where I work, it’s a factory environment…being “one of the guys” in my lingo is a real honor.


  2. Awesome…not a Jays fan but I can appreciate an amazingly ill-conceived piece of merchandise! lol
    Reminds me of a t-shirt that use to float around the Detroit area back in the Tiger Stadium days that said “No Pussies in Motown” with a cheesy one-colour picture of a kitten with the circle/slash over it. So crappy it was awesome!!

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  3. Still catching up with your blog so I’m bit sure if you’ve seen the latest blue jays shirt which reads 9 BJ’s are better than 1 yank.


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