#338: Unreleased 4-Play Quiz No. 2

VH PW_0001

RECORD STORE TALES Mk II:  Getting More Tale

#338:  Unreleased 4-Play Quiz No. 2 

At the conclusion of Record Store Tales, I told the story of how I earned the nickname LeBrain.  It started with a contest on the Craig Fee Show (on 107.5 Dave FM) called the 4 O’Clock 4-Play which I dominated.  I also sent Craig numerous 4-Plays of my own creation.

The challenge is to figure out the common thread that ties all four songs together. The theme could be anything: lyrical, musical, background trivia, artist related…and I liked to come up with unique themes.

Play the tracks in order as a listener would, and make a guess in the comments section!  Be specific.

  1. Van Halen – “Oh Pretty Woman”
  2. Van Halen – “Little Guitars”
  3. Van Halen – “Secrets”
  4. Van Halen –  “Jump”

Good luck!


        1. I’ll tell you a funny story. The day Van Halen released “Tattoo”, Craig Fee did a special VH 4-play that day. I did not win,

          1. Van Halen – Tattoo
          2. Van Halen – Tattoo
          3. Van Halen – Tattoo
          4. Van Halen – Tattoo

          The answer was “an Elvis tattoo”. LOL. In other words a meaningless installment of the 4-Play, but a hilarious way to get past the “rules” and play the new VH song 4 times in a row.


  1. Here’s my third original 4-Play.You’ve seen this one before so you might remember the answer-

    Iron Maiden-The Trooper
    Iron Maiden-The Edge of Darkness
    Iron Maiden-Como Estais Amigos
    Iron Maiden-The Longest Day

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