#344: Coda – Childhood Recording Sessions – R.I.P. George


I saw the sad news this morning that my childhood friend George, whom I spent many afternoons taping Kiss albums with, has passed away.  George started my Kiss collection.  He was an instrumental part of my musical discoveries at a very early age.  I don’t know what happened.

George always liked Gene best, so here’s a song for you, buddy.  Rest in peace.  Damn.


        1. Yep the Who said it best Mikey! Long Live Rock! That’s the impressive take on music at Xmas! That’s a pretty cool ZZ Box set! I actually got a couple of ZZ album reviews sitting in tha vaults at Arena Rock!


        2. Right on man. Looking forward to them. I haven’t even opened the plastic on the ZZ set yet!

          A series has been requested so I think that’s the way I’d approach it. Though if all goes well the next series you see here will be an 8-parter reviewing the new Foo Fighters. Uncle Meat is coming over Tuesday and the plan is to watch all 8 episodes of Sonic Highways and try to do a massive 8 part review. Knock wood. That’s the plan.


        3. Wow man God luck with that one! That’s huge! I haven’t watched it yet but I will wait until you post and than I will watch each episode as you post! Kinda like me being a stalker!

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        4. HAHAH right on! It’s gonna be a long day for sure. I got the coffee ready to go…I have the album here but I think I will watch the series before I open the album.

          This should be a killer series.


        5. I bought the album off of ITunes but haven’t even really listened to it! So your series will be the deal for me! Since I always yap about ITunes do you use it all?

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        6. No not too much. I’m going to buy the new Kim Mitchell track, Alana Loves Me 2014, but I can’t remember my login information! LOL! Have you got that track yet?


        7. Good question! When I’m done listening to this new Marillion album I’ll download it. Maybe post a review.

          I don’t want to preach about social media too much but that’s how I found it! Kim’s Facebook account was promoting that single all month.

          Incidentally that’s also how I found out that George passed.


        8. Yeah Facebook…I agree with that comment I only use it for Rock and for posting pics of my nephew Cambo cuz he’s a cool kid! Hahaha….


        9. Oh yeah he cracks me up loves Metal! My bro has steered him well in that! He was digging Rime Of The Ancient Mariner a few months ago!
          Asked him at Xmas when he was over if has played the drums lately…
          Cambo said….


        10. Sorry have to Pass! Geez….you know I got a request for a akimbo review which I’m posting at my site on Friday!
          That Fill Your Head Of Rock comp is one the better hits records out there!


        11. Nice! Akimbo was one of the earlier reviews I posted here myself. Looking forward to it.

          Meanwhile look for a Kim Mitchell single review shortly. I’m just sitting here debating on how to approach this damn song!


        12. I dunno Mikey,he should,really do another live album that 1990 release was way too short for my liking….
          But the tracks were good!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about George. I can still see him walking down the street with his boombox on his shoulder, singing along to the music.
    Remember the good times.
    RIP, George.


    1. Thanks man, it is. It’s also so eerie, how I had written about him only a few weeks ago. He even commented on it. Earlier on we were discussing all the new Star Wars figures we were expecting in 2015. He was working on a custom “old” Obi-Wan.


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