EPIC GALLERY: 6″ Star Wars Black Series collection #3 of 3

A series of vignettes featuring my open collection of 6″ Star Wars Black Series! I wanted to show each figure’s features in detail. These are really fun to play with, and display incredibly well. Were you born in the 70’s? Then enjoy these and play along.

For gallery #1, click here.

For gallery #2, click here.



    1. It’s just a marketing thing. All the figures come in plain black packaging. But no matter how you pack it, you’re right. These are great. Some of the others, less so, such as Anakin who you do not see here.

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  1. Haha awesome! I love that one shot of Darth Vader, third from top, right hand side, with his head tilted up and legs wide. Looks like he’s about to start disco dancin’ to Stayin’ Alive!

    These are super-cool toys. Is that the stormtrooper I brought you that I see in there?

    Do you keep the packaging for these? I mean, if you were ever gonna deal them year down the road, having the boxes ups the value right?

    Again with the cool story-telling. You’ve put alot of work into these. THANKS!

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        1. Damn I was hoping you meant my pics ;)

          Nah I’m kidding! Yeah the figures are really incredible. To put it into perspective, I have not personally collected Star Wars figures since I was a little kid. I did collect the SW Lego but it took up too much space so I liquidated 99% of it.

          These work better as display pieces and you don’t have to disassemble anything to put it into store. Plus, Lego is a pain in the ass to display, because dusting it is a nightmare.

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