#361: LeBrain Goes to Toronto (Video)

#361: LeBrain Goes to Toronto

Went to Toronto yesterday to visit Mrs. LeBrain at the hospital, and also visited Sonic Boom music at 215 Spadina while I was in town.  I’m tired, so all I had the energy for was this quick & dirty 4 minute video.  Hope you like it.  You know I found music to buy…

Road tunes:

  1. Deep Purple – Slaves and Masters
  2. Ted Nugent – Shutup & Jam!
  3. Whitesnake – Snakebite
  4. Whitesnake – Saints An’ Sinners


    1. She’s doing OK Scott, thanks for asking. Yeah the DP’s sure are pretty aren’t they?

      Interesting though — I found a press release for the series from 2012/2013, showing “all” of them…but Graz was NOT in the photo of the 10 discs. Weird. So they’ve either added to the 10, or replaced something else with Graz.


  1. Hope all is going according to plan with Jen,Mikey!
    Cool score there buddy ….man how many Purples are u up 2 now??
    Cool. Road tunes esp cool to see the Nuge in there!

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    1. How many Purple am I up to?? Shit I’ll have to do an inventory. Maybe that’s a post in itself!

      She’s doing OK, hoping to have her home soon in a couple days, but damn her Leafs are not helping cheer her up at all! Hahahah!

      I love my BBQ, it’s what Canadians do!

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        1. You know Mrs. LeBrain’s Mom came with me and listened to that whole album!

          She said, “Is this the guy who hates Canadians?”

          I laughed and said no! He loves Canadians, he just…

          And she finished my sentence, “…hates our gun laws!” Had a laugh. But what a GREAT album. I looked for it at Sonic Boom but they did not have it.


  2. Dude! Cool video. I REALLY wish I could have gone with you. I love that shop! I may get to go in May and June, fingers crossed.

    Anyway, very cool scores. Duff for $3 will probably end up being the score of the trip. It’s those ‘take a chance’ sleeper hits that can rock yer socks off. I love that Beefheart, I find him to be a slippery slope – if I bought one I’d wanna buy them all.

    One point of order, I know you were just talking off the top of your head but Copenhagen is in Denmark… so I believe the 3CD you’re still needing is Stockholm (Sweden). Amazon is $42, but if you look underneath their price, there are new copies from 3rd party sellers starting at $16.99. For 3 CDs you gotta jump on that! Give ‘er!

    Also cool, Long Beach 1971 is coming out March 20. Woo!

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    1. Yeah you’re right, it’s the Stockholm one — though there IS another one called Denmark coming out, I believe it’s supposed to be 10th in the series. So that’s where I got confused.

      Both the Beefheart and Duff have been excellent but the one that’s really snuck up on me was Desert Sessions! Whoa nelly.


    1. She’s keepin on given’er, every day, but I hope she comes home soon. She trying to have fun with it, as much as possible anyway. She posts a Facebook post called “Guess the Grossness” at every meal time, where people have to guess what she’s eating based ONLY on the picture! LOL. The hospital food looks so horrible that it is a challenging game.


  3. I’ve never totally explored those Desert Sessions properly, apart from the odd PJ Harvey single – I know they’ll be really good, its just that I don’t need any more obsessions right now!

    Hope Mrs Mike is doing well.

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        1. “Crushingly good” – I agree.

          I wonder if people tend to avoid Beefheart because of the rep that Trout Mask Replica has? Without knowing his other stuff isn’t like that?

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