R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

This is, by far, the most painful loss that Star Trek fans have had to endure yet.  Even more so than the great Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy embodied Star Trek.  He was Spock — he became that character.  After Star Trek, he struggled against it.  His first autobiography was entitled I Am Not Spock.  A couple decades later, he recanted and released a new book called I Am Spock.  It took him a while to come to peace with the fact that he will always be remembered as Mr. Spock, but he did and the fans loved him for it.

I’ll miss you, my Vulcan friend.




  1. I agree with you about this being the most painful loss for Star Trek fans. I wonder if Big Bang Theory will acknowledge his passing.
    RIP Leonard Nimoy.

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  2. This is a sad day for me, my friends. My earliest childhood memories are of me and my dad sitting in a basement watching Star Trek. I remember 7 year old me being so scared for Mr. Spock in the episode “Operation: Annihilate!” when Spock was infected with a deadly parasite.

    Mr. Spock was a hero to me. IS a hero to me. Always will be a hero to me. In many respects, Spock is the perfect hero. When in all of Star Trek did he ever let anyone down? Sure, it often took an argument with Dr. McKoy, but Spock always made the right call for the good of the many. That’s a fucking hero.


    1. HECK YES MIKE! I’ll tell you something…you may remember the In Search Of…The Amityville Horror? That episode SCARED ME SO MUCH that I hid under my blankets all night…When I got up I was so hot my dad thought I had a fever. True.

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