#384.5: Little Ani

#384.5: Little Ani

I was so happy when we got little Ani* in 2001. “She’s the best dog ever!” I said, and she really was. My parents have been taking good care of her since I left the family nest. My mom and dad really love that dog.

They had to put her down today. It’s one of those times when the family all saw it the same way, that sometimes these days come. Ani lived a happy little doggie life, constantly tormenting my dad by not being able to decide if she wanted in or out. I got to see her last weekend at Easter and you could tell she was not feeling well, but it was nice to see her one more time.

Ani is chasing birds in doggie heaven now, and I miss my puppy.

I believe in celebrating life with laughter, so here’s my laughter for today.  Thanks, Kids in the Hall.

*named for Anakin Skywalker



  1. I’m really sorry to hear that. It’s terrible, you invest so much love in a short life – but you get it all back. My daughter is named after the cat I had growing up. Still, its a comfort to know you can do that for a pet – I’d like someone to be able to do the same for me one day.

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    1. It seems so awful that they have such short lives compared with us. But we pack a lot into those lives.

      I keep telling my wife that when we get a bigger place, we’ll get a dog and name him Spock. Feels more appropriate than ever given Mr. Nimoy’s passing. I wouldn’t want to name anyone Ani though. (I never liked the name in the first place but I was outvoted. My name was “Little Fluffy”.)

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      1. Little Fluffy is not a great name for a child – I can foresee bullying-related problems later on in life!

        My cat was/daughter is, called Martha. My parents named the cat after Beatles ‘Martha My Dear’ – she was born the same day I was and lasted until I was 16. In some ways it’s still the most intense friendship I have ever had, if that makes sense.

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        1. I totally get that because in school, I have a friend Tim. His cat was actually older than he was, and that cat died when we were 20! It was really hard on him for the same reason!

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  2. Sorry to read about this, Mike. Had a similar experience a few years ago when our family dog, Benji, was struggling. I’d long since moved out, but it was always good to see him when I was visiting the parental unit.


  3. Sorry to hear that, Mike. We too lost a long-lived family pet (a cat I had from 2 years lld to 21 years old – my entire formative years, basically) and it hurts just like losing a person. Tough days. My best to you and your family.

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  4. I am sorry to hear about Ani. At least you have the memories! My thoughts are with you.
    I have goldfish, and have had my share of sadness around having fish as pets. I manage to keep them alive longer than a year, so they really do become one of the family.

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  5. Sorry for your loss. My family just lost our 23 year old Jack Russell, Dude in January.

    It didn’t matter how bad a day you were having, your dog would wag it’s tail and greet you at the door. I can imagine that after some bad days at The Record Store, Ani was there, and the bad feelings turned good.

    Perhaps your family decides to get another puppy. My wife and daughter wanted one, but I was against it. I didn’t want to have to look for a sitter if we went away, and clean up after it etc., and we had been there/done that for 20 some years.

    However, I was outvoted. The only thing I insisted on was the name had to be music related. Unfortunately they did not want Ozzy, Dio, or Angus. So we all agreed on Bowie. I quickly changed my opinion on getting another dog, and can’t imagine life without one now.

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    1. Hey thanks for sharing man.

      I have a funny story I’m going to share in a future Shit LeBrain’s Dad Says installment. He never wanted a dog, and he made all these hilarious excuses.


      1. I look forward to that. There are lots of funny stories about your dad and the dog.
        BTW, it doesn’t get easier. You find yourself looking for her everywhere around the house.
        I would have another dog, if it was my choice. However, I don’t have anyone here anymore to vote with me, so it’s one against one.

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