#388: Air Drums


#388: Air Drums

Last week I was driving to work, travelling down King St, flash drive in mp3 player, filling the car with Roky Erickson and the Aliens.  I consider myself a safe and aware driver (so does my driving record), and I’m always paying attention to what’s around me.  I caught a glimpse in the rearview mirror of a guy who looked familiar, so at the next red lights, I checked to see if he was my friend Kyle.

No, it wasn’t Kyle…but what I saw was a guy who, in an alternate reality, may have been my soul mate.

There he was in the front seat of his blue Hyundai, so filthy that it initially appeared black, air drumming up a storm!

I couldn’t stop staring for the duration of that red light.  He was laying the beat down!  He was playing some big fills.  I imagined he might have been rocking out to Rush.  He was also clearly singing lead vocals as he drummed.  His cymbal work was quite good, superior to mine in fact. I admired his technique for a while, before the light turned green.

The gentleman turned off on the westboard 401, while I headed east.  I wondered who he was, and if we may have been friends in another lifetime.

I sure have some work to do on my air drumming to get up to his level!



  1. Speaking of air musicians… You ever notice there aren’t many air bassists around?
    Or that for classical music you only see air conducting? (Where is the damn air oboist?!).
    Do you think natives in the dark jungles of Africa play air drums? I bet they do…😎

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    1. I play air violin from time to time, especially when listening to an awesome movie soundtrack!

      I think the drummers in Africa would think air drummers are out of their minds!


  2. Haha that reminds of that dude rapping up a storm in the car behind us near Yorkdale on last year’s Taranna trip.

    Air drums… I think the better question is who DOESN’T play air drums? AC/DC, man, that’s my go-to. And even your grandma would play ’em on In The Air Tonight…

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  3. It’s been a long time since I’ve tested my air drumming chops. I’m probably a bit rusty but I feel like I should dust off the sticks next weekend for a jam session.

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  4. Great story – I’m more of an air singer myself, a black belt at the ancient art of caraoke – you should hear my ‘Fulsom Prison Blues’, you wouldn’t need music again after that. True story.

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