#389: LeBrain Trivia Facts!

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#389: LeBrain Trivia Facts!

Time to get to know your host here a little better. Here are 10 facts I bet you didn’t know about LeBrain.

1. I don’t wear a watch. I was sick of them always breaking, plus I don’t find them comfortable.  When I worked at the Record Store, I would take off my watch at the beginning of every shift and put it on again afterwards.

2. When I was really really young, I didn’t know the difference between a guitar and a bass, until somebody told me a bass only has four strings and therefore four tuning pegs. Until that time, I had assumed Michael Anthony was actually Eddie Van Halen, because he looked cooler to me!

3. My very earliest exposure to rock music was through a couple TV shows – The Flintstones, and the Hilarious House of Frightenstein!  Frightenstein featured a character called “The Wolfman”, based on Wolfman Jack…but a wolfman!  He would spin Rolling Stones and Kinks singles.

4. My first musical idol was John Williams. I loved his movie soundtracks and played them until they skipped.  Star Wars and Indiana Jones were awesome, but his best was the 2 LP set of The Empire Strikes Back, which was loaded with photos.

5. After John Williams came Johnny Cash, my very first concert at age 12.

6. I have been given a speeding ticket a total of three times over 24 years of clean driving.

7. I come from a musical family, but I can’t really play anything.

8. I make stop motion Transformers movies using my toy collection. I have never released any of them, even though I think I did better in one weekend with $0 than Michael Bay did in a year with a $Zillion dollars.

9. Much like everyone who grew up in the 1980’s, I owned Thriller by Michael Jackson and Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen, on cassette.

10. My last name has been misspelled for about the last 100 years. Can you guess how it was originally spelled?

The two videos I chose for this post have a specific common element. Can you name it?



  1. This is a cool idea. After your answers on the KMA’s Get To Know Your Reader questions a little while ago, do we know TOO MUCH? ;)

    1) I don’t wear a watch either. Every so often I try it, but it never lasts. There are clocks in the house, car, my phone… plus I don’t generally care/need to know what day/time it is except time to drop off/pick up my son from school.

    3) Good on you for remembering. I couldn’t tell you mine so precisely.

    6) I’ve had two in 24 years, and good reasons I shouldn’t have been given either of them.

    7) I play lots of instruments very poorly. It likely amounts to the same thing.

    8) I can confirm this folks. I HAVE SEEN THEM!

    9) I had BitUSA, but never Thriller. I just never liked that record.

    10) L-E-B-R-A-I-N.

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        1. Nope, but that’s OK. I’m going to do a post about in the future. I’m kind of surprised that nobody got it, but here in Kitchener a few people know other “Ladanos” who did not have the spelling of their last name changed….


  2. I like Aaron’s reply to that .. I’ll think I do the same

    1) I cant remember a time I have ever worn a watch. Does my stint as Flava Fav’s understudy count?

    2) That’s ok .. I dont think Nikki Sixx knows the difference between them.

    3) My first experience with music on TV was The Monkees show.

    4) John Williams is a better bass player than Nikki Sixx… but hasn’t nailed as many broads.

    5) CASH by Johnny Cash is my favorite book ever I think.. Go read it

    6) Total oxymoron. How can you have 24 years of clean driving with 3 speeding tickets.

    7) I’ve seen you play a mean skin flute.

    8) Next step? Transformers porn .. More than meets the eye indeed.

    9) I owned Off the Wall on vinyl … but never owned any copy of any sort of Thriller…. and my dad had Born in the USA on vinyl as well.

    10) Le OpenDoorPiss

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  3. 1. I do like watches, but the battery died in my last watch about 4 years ago, and haven’t bothered to replace it. Now I rely on my phone for the time.

    2. I only knew the difference between a bass and guitar thanks to John and Andy Taylor from Duran Duran.

    3. For us it was the Muppets.

    6. Two speeding tix for me ever and were within the same year, 15 years ago.

    7. Played piano under duress for 13 years, and I play drums (though I am rusty).

    10. Having an Italian name myself, I can only imagine how they’d butchered your name. No one gets mine right – spelling or pronunciation-wise. When I got married, I took my husband’s name, which is often misspelled into a more “sinister” name ;), but it’s fine. I’m used to it really.

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      1. I did like watches, but I did find I removed my watch a lot while working at my desk. When I was a student, I removed my watch, again, to write my class notes. So, maybe I don’t? Weird how I have just lived without one. I think from time to time that I need a new watch, but haven’t pull the trigger yet…


  4. Amazingly, I rarely see Thriller in the discount bins, most people seem to have held on to their copies.
    Agreed – I don’t like wearing watches (or long sleeves for that matter) – down with watches, up with more posts like this one!

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    1. There are two guys who like short sleeves in January – tell me why guys, do you run a little warm and need to breathe, or the sleeves just bother you? Just curious.

      When I was in highschool, I preferred to wear t-shirts, even in winter. My mom would ride me like a carnival pony about that. But, sweaters itch (still do!), and I preferred styling with my tees. Now, I wear sweaters and take a strong anti-histamine, because hormones. I’m cold alot of the time. I’d rather ma tees though!

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      1. I sent a happy email around today, joyous that we’d had snow. It snowed all day – enough that it stayed on the ground! I can go run around in it! Again (because I already did)!

        I am hot all the time. And yes, I meant it like that. But I also meant that my internal thermostat may well be broken and I find everything too warm. T-shirts in winter? Hells yes. I sleep with a window open in February. Shorts around the house, in winter, too. My lovely wife, on the other hand, is the opposite, she’s cold all the time. And she grumbles about snow. And then she grumbles more when I tell her about the power of ositive thinking! ;) So far, both our kids are like me, always warm. We have many thermostat wars, chez A.

        My happiest days are when it snows. I love playing road hockey, going out to shovel. An hour in the driveway? NO PROBLEM! And now that I have a kick-ass snowblower and it only takes me 10 minutes to do our driveway, so I’ll do all the neighbour’s lanes too. They love me for it. This winter was a real doozy, so I had lots of chances to get out there. So awesome.

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    1. I’m having flashbacks to the intro to the book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide…

      “Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun.

      Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.”

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  5. I rarely wear a watch. When I do, it’s for substitute teaching or reffing (American)football.

    I never owned Michael Jackson’s Thriller. In fact, I was originally thinking of using that album for my recent April Fool’s post but thought the album I did use would be much better.

    My first favourite song was “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash, I was 8.

    In almost 37 years of driving in two countries, I have only had two speeding tickets.

    If I could have a penny (British, Canadian or American) for every time my last name was misspelled or mispronounced, I would be a very rich man.


  6. I like watches, but haven’t worn one in a while. Not since my last one done gone died. Bah. Really need a new one. That’s what I’ve took from this trivia post, y’know … that I miss my watch. Well, that and flashbacks to my cinema trips to see those Transformer movies. Urgh. Though I must admit to liking the first one (I know). I need a watch.

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    1. I liked the first one too. In fact I have a review of it that I wrote after I saw it in theaters, back in 2007…such a glowing fanboy review…I will post it eventually just to embarrass myself again.

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      1. Please do. I watched it not so long after the third one just to see if it was actually bad and I was just blinkered by the fact that I went to see it in the cinema – but no, it was still enjoyable.

        The other two were dreadful, though. So dreadful that I don’t know why I bothered going to see the third one. Haven’t bothered with the 4th. Never will.

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        1. I did! Two weeks ago on Netflix! To call it terrible doesn’t get across just HOW terrible.

          A point-form summary:

          – A guy punches a soldier in the face with his CAR
          – Michael Bay goes out of his way to justify a grown man having sex with a 17 year old girl. I’m not kidding. More time is spent on this relationship than matters of plot.
          – The humans are soooooooo stupid.
          – The dialogue is soooooooo stupid.
          – Great actors such as Kelsey Grammar and Stanley Tucci are completely wasted.

          Etc. etc.

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        2. Seriously? They’ve not learned a thing, eh? Have they done particularly well? That’s the only reason I could imagine for them sticking with them (reviews have not exactly been kind).

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