#405: Brett-Lore (Excerpts)


#405: Brett-Lore (Excerpts)

All artwork created by: Various denizens of Grand River Collegiate Institute, circa 1989-1991.








  1. Is this how you spent your college years? No wonder you worked in a record store for so long. If you’d studied you could have owned your own chain!

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    1. No no, I studied and I studied hard! But I also scribbled in my notes! Those ones are in my parents basement. Jeez I’m going over there tomorrow, I wonder if they’re accessible or even interesting. I doubt it, I think I pulled most of the sketches out of there and tucked them in with Brett-Lore.

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  2. I had a friend in college who I told to take notes for me when I missed a class. I got back and hoped to find out what I’d missed, but he just doodled skulls and band logos.
    I had to find someone else to copy notes from after that.

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    1. OK Zack, just for you I’m going to post one of my old school stories.

      This guy Tim, he was always missing class and asking us for notes. So one class I purposely took wrong notes just to F him over. And that’s just part of the story….

      I even have some “Tim-Toons” (the ill-fated sequel to Brett-Lore) to post.

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  3. Haha this is awesome. Bang thy head! indeed. I love that you guys did this. My buddy Brian and I did something similar, but not on this scale, not even close. I had that stuff for years, but I think I gave it all to him years ago.

    I bow to your superior collection, this is fun stuff! :)

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        1. I have memories of seeing the Jays play the Expos in an exhibition game in the mid-80s. Whitt vs. Gary Carter behind the plate, oh man.

          George Bell your fave? Really? What a mumpy ol’ cuss! Haha that’s cool, man. I dunno if I had a favourite back then so much as just enjoying the team. I remember seeing them play the Tigers at the Ex and even Tony Fernandez hit a homer. I figure I was there for an event akin to seeing pigs fly! haha.

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        2. Oh as a kid I had no idea he wasn’t exactly role model material off the field, I just loved the #11 (so Gary Leeman on the Leafs was also my favourite naturally)!


    1. Hahah thanks man! When were in school the guys wanted to make sure that somehow the book stayed safe and it was entrusted to me. I’m so happy to finally share some of these drawings.

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