VIDEO: Treasures From the Basement

Sorry for the lack of rock!



    1. I seem to remember that Prime moves faster when he’s a truck than a bot. Like 2 spaces per turn instead of 1. I think you had to find and bring back your Autobot buddies. Anyway I remember it was fun but that we tended to NOT use the cardboard pieces and just use our figures!

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  1. Ha this is fun! I’m sure your pparents are thrilled that you’re finally getting your stuff out of their basement! Also, I’m glad what you found has all of their thingamajiggers. Thingamajiggers are very important! Very neat to find this stuff from your childhood. Wave of nostalgia!

    Better hope this video doesn’t end up where collector geeks can find it, or this comments section will turn into an Offer To Buy bonanza!

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    1. I actually thought of that…I might be willing to entertain reasonable offers on these two items. Maybe!

      Perhaps I shall rescue more treasures this weekend. Who knows what all is in there? I know it’s board game heaven down there!


      1. Well brace yourself, then, ‘cos it could happen…

        Man, you could get all the board games we had as kids into one shopping bag. We spent more time outside than anything else (road hockey! GAME ON!) and playing with Star Wars toys. And playing Star Wars outside. In winter, out in the yard, snow plows going by were the Star Destroyers.


      2. I know. Since you on a buying freeze, sell the items you no longer want and use the money to complete your collection. Or perhaps list the items in your blog in exchange for music.

        I am willing to part with my Nickelback, Creed and Trooper “Greatest (S)hits” cd’s. How much do you think I could get for them?


        1. You don’t have anything to apologize for, or disclaim. Your opinion of Quiet Riot is yours alone, and justified. Also, if someone trolls your comments and you post it, they are at fault, not you.

          Can you put up a link to the Regina Russell comments as I have not got through your back pages yet, unless you don’t want to rehash old crap.

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        2. That’s a whole big story of its own. Before I started doing this, I used to kill time by making Wikipedia articles on Helix.

          One day while surfing Wiki, I noticed that somebody changed all the Quiet Riot articles to state that Metal Book is the first album by the band. So I went through and fixed them all. Then somebody changed them all back again.

          Turns out, this person was Frankie Banali’s fiance Regina. This turned into a battle several months long, over that damned QR article.

          My theory is that Ms. Russell did those changes to enable Frankie to bill himself as an original member of QR. But he wasn’t in the early version of the band with Randy Rhoads, so it was misleading. And totally against Wiki rules about conflict of interest.

          She was very nasty to all the other writers. Just mean.

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        3. One of the inherent problems with user-updated history books… doesn’t Wiki have some sort of governing body where you can point out inconsitencies and incorrect info being added (not to mention the abuse?). Wrong information is still wrong information.


      1. Next time you are over could you ask him what the Swedish Chef is saying on The Muppets.
        Perhaps he could be in the next Muppet movie doing a Final Countdown with the Swedish Chef. He could wear a chef hat and facial hair for a disguise.

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        1. Suchban awesome episode. I hope the next season is better than the last, or to quote Bubbles
          “I think we’re done.”

          They need more quest stars. How about a real episode with Brian Vollmer?


        1. “Alex this is Jj…Gord…Downie.”

          That was just on Thursday night.

          “Randy, when someone like Alex Lifeson gives you a shirt to put on, you put the fucking thing on!”

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        1. Aaargg! I know. That’s how I get beat too.

          I also have Risk 2010 AD, Clone Wars Risk, Fellowship of the Ring Risk, Castle Risk, Risk Godstorm (including a Valhalla board) and Risk Legacy.

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