R.I.P. Stephen Huss


I had a customer at the old store named Stephen.  He used to quietly sell CDs, always in excellent condition.  He didn’t have much to say, but he was about the nicest guy you’d ever run into.  One of our staff realized that Stephen was the former co-founder of an 80’s electronic band called Psyche, with his brother Darrin.  He made several albums with them, starting in 1985.  Nobody ever bugged him about it though.  If he wanted us to know he’d have told us.

But the world is a funny place, and you run into people at the strangest places.  A couple years ago, I was going out with my wife to meet some of her friends for lunch.  She mentioned her friend Steve that was a musician.  Sure enough, it was Stephen, my old customer.  He recognized me, but misremembered me as working at a video store.  He and my wife became friends, since she relocated to Kitchener.  I just had no idea that her friend Steve was my customer Stephen!

She told me today that Stephen has passed away.  She’s just trying to absorb this news now.  I thought it would be nice to post some music for Stephen.  Rest in Peace.


    1. Hi Darrin, and thanks so much for stopping by…my wife has the details for the memorial service and we will be there Oct 4. Thanks again…will check out this instrumental album as well!


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