#432: The Complaint Department

#432: The Complaint Department

When I run out of fresh things to talk about, that’s when it’s time to go digging through the LeBrain HQ archives!  This time I’ve retrieved some comments from the Complaint Department!

IMG_20150901_173315_editComplaint #1:  “You don’t review enough new releases!”

Yes, yes I know.  This is a rut I’m stuck in.  I like to spend some serious alone time with an album before I’m comfortable releasing a full-on review.  By the time I get the album (usually a Japanese import or whatever version has bonus tracks) and give it a fair listen, it’s rarely a new release anymore!  I prefer to review a physical CD whenever possible.  This is so I can read the lyrics, the liner notes, and show you pictures of the physical product.  It’s also so I can hear it in full CD quality sound.

I’d love if more contributors would step up and review some new releases for me.  Unfortunately most of my former contributors now write for their own sites!  Think you have what it takes to put your opinion on the internet for no money and no recognition?  Drop me a line!

Complaint #2: “How come you haven’t reviewed any Creed?”

This is being worked on.  Watch this space.

Complaint #3: “You post articles just to poke the bear.”

This is partly true.  When I have something negative to say about music, I try to do it in a funny way.  Well, you know about the internet and humour — sometimes things can be taken the wrong way.  (I know you’re surprised.)  Plus, I’m not that funny.  If I’m out of line, you can go ahead and tell me so.  Let’s have some friendly, adult musical discussions.  When I’m on a roll, it’s just for a laugh and so we have something to discuss, so let’s do it!  Just keep it civil.  No name calling.

IMG_20150901_173532_editComplaint #4: “In your Record Store Tales, you make yourself out to be the hero of the story and everyone else like buffoons.  Then, you made yourself the victim at the end.”

Really?  You think the guy who shit his pants in the store is the hero and not a buffoon himself?  Well OK then!  I can’t help how people read the stories with their own interpretation.  I was no hero, I was a big zero.  Zero the Hero!  I messed up too, quite royally in some cases, like the time some  kid stole our “free CD” stamper on my watch.  All of this was on my performance reviews.  They transferred me from one store to another because my sales were way down and I was having problems controlling my staff.  I don’t think the bosses were buffoons.  How could I knock somebody who has created a business that has lasted 25 years and counting?  I just think I was taken advantage of, after years of being the nice-guy yes-man.  Spoogecakes used to refer to me as the owner’s “lackey”, but nobody wants to be the lackey forever.  I have admitted that I was depressed and despondent in the last years.  If I have committed any sins, it’s that I didn’t assert myself, or get out of there sooner.  That’s my fault.  I was too afraid of my bosses to stand up for myself.

Complaint #5: “You talk about heavy metal too much, and not enough about other great artists that you may be missing out on.”

True!  I write what I know best, but we do need to get more variety of quality music up here.  We need to get more artists represented, although I’ve covered a sampling of country, jazz and and classical before.  This is a challenge I accept.  Look forward to more branching out in the future!


  1. Is this the complaint department? Because I’ve got a few things to say about how you run your own personal site on the internet! You’re not doing it how I think you should and that’s just not acceptable!

    Hahaha chumps.

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        1. I want this to be a zone where all music can be discussed…and Creed will generate that I am sure. I’m actually very excited for this. I don’t want to spoil anything but there is going to be Creed including rarities.

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        2. Can’t argue with that, Mike. Discussion is good – I’m all for discussion. ‘Creed rarities’ = good Creed songs? ;)

          Complaint #7: ban the guy who doesn’t like Creed ;)

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        3. Yes apparently, like many bands, Creed recorded their first album independently. It was remixed when they were picked up by a label, and this original mix is quite pricey. I don’t want to spoil the beans though.


        1. Dee would win. He still has his voice, mostly, and doesn’t have to play the same ten songs all the time. Plus Mike Portnoy. Give him a drum solo and it’s all over right there.


    1. Haha we had an old manager, when I worked at the bank, who was snarly all the time. We hated having to go ask her questions and one day I had to and said to a co-worker, ‘well, guess I gotta go poke the bear…’ Well, did we howl. I left that job over three years ago, and when I run into that co-worker she still mentions it.

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