Star Wars: The Force Awakens – new TV spot featuring Finn

This is one of the coolest spots yet. A few weeks ago, Hasbro released a “riot control stormtrooper” figure featuring some kind of electro-baton. In this clip we get to see Finn facing off again this guy with the blue Anakin saber. Looks just awesome.

December 18 is less than a month away…



  1. I keep hoping your enthusiasm will be contagious!
    I have never seen a single Star Wars movie and I’m not tempted to ever change that.
    But how will I avoid this one?
    I know the basics of course – first, this stuff is just infused in our culture, but also, I do have a couple of very sweet, very young nephews who know all about it from their dad. So I know what a storm trooper is becuase I made a cake. And I know who chewbacca is becuase I found a furry bookbag that looks just like him. But the rest? The rest I’m still stressing about.

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    1. I love that you made a Stormtrooper cake.

      You remind me of my wife — when she met she had never seen one and had no interest. However she met me, which meant that didn’t matter anymore. And guess what! She hated it. I started her on Episode I. Bad idea.


    1. Thanks J. I haven’t posted all of the trailers that have come out, there are so many, but the really big ones I wanted to post…mainly so I could always have them all in one place!

      Check this out. Somebody made an incredible “Supercut” of all the trailers:

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      1. Excellent! They’ve really given us a wee bit to be excited about each time, haven’t they? Great to see someone throw it all together for us, too! Roll on December 18th!!!


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