R.I.P. Jimmy Bain

2016, I fucking hate you.

R.I.P. Jimmy Bain, age 68, now the second member of the original Dio to pass.  And yet another Rainbow casualty.

Jimmy rocked.  Listen to some Jimmy today.


        1. It really does. And then number of guys who have been terrible sicks lately…like Jimmy’s old bandmate Vivian Campbell, fighting the big C. Tony Iommi, fighting the big C. Rikki Rockett from Poison.


    1. I already had Dio lined up for today anyway…or Rainbow at least. Just weird man. I saw it on Mitch’s FB first thing when I woke up. NOT the kind of news I like posting.


      1. No course not…..it’s crazy but we had a break room conversation at work about this and like I pointed out its the Lifestyle of the 70’s/80’s even Til today perhaps that catch up to you. And in some cases the Big C which is just the way That your cards are dealt,doesn’t help as the C Word doesn’t discriminate againest anyone! Even our heroes!

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        1. You also see a lot of guys…not Lemmy, but guys like Vivian, who live generally healthy lifestyles. Next thing you know they are getting rounds of chemo. It can happen to any of us and let’s pray it doesn’t. I have cancer on my mom’s side of the family, but not on my dad’s. God knows what that actually means for me.


  1. Damn, man. I’ve been listening to a ton of Rainbow lately — thanks to your influence — and just literally wrote the name “Jimmy Bain” on your site two days ago. I’m afraid we’ll likely be watching our heroes drop regularly over coming years, not only due to the big C but also simply time catching up. Sucks.

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    1. Yes you did. And look at the date of that Last in Line concert footage. Four days ago?

      The supergroup in heaven is even bigger now. Ronnie Dio is up there with Jon Lord on keyboards and Jimmy Bain on bass, and there’s Cozy Powell sitting in on drums. On lead guitar is still Ritchie Blackmore, via seance.


        1. I heard the same from someone else on FB this morning too. It’s a reality we face. And as they get up there, even greater names will be taken. It’s amazing we still have all four members of the original Black Sabbath. Kiss. Judas Priest.


      1. I found this on the world’s premier Lego & vinyl based blog:

        The Dio connection? Jimmy Bain plays bass on three tracks here, which I’d never noticed before – Sat in Your Lap, Get Out of my House and Leave it Open. Kate met him through Phil Lynott when Bain was playing with Wild Horses. This is taken from one of those old BaktaBak interview picture discs*^:

        ‘it was nice to use people, almost specifically, for what they were very good at, and I always think of Jimmy as being a really super rock’n’roll bass player, which isn’t meant to be detrimental, because I think it’s great, actually. Because what those songs needed that he was on was a very simple, very driving bass that was going to keep the whole thing going, without being distracting, or too full. And Jimmy was just right for that, really. So he worked on the three tracks that I would definitely say are the rockiest, the most up-tempo, perhaps the most aggressive.’

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  2. Sad that all our heroes are getting up there in age! Saw Dio in San Diego early 2000’s I think ….and sat next Jimmy and band mates at an Indian restaurant before the show all nice guys. No Dio at dinner though…RIP

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      1. Yeah they were so laid back before a show. It was almost business like. Also met Geoff Tate walking before a show outside the same venue before the burlesque tour. (glad it was before not after the show…I might not even have said hey…lol)


  3. How did Bain die btw? It just came to me that I haven’t really heard anything about the cause of death? Was it drugs? Jimmy did have a long struggle with heroin, but I heard he had been off all drugs and alcohol for a couple of years when he died.

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