ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story official teaser trailer



      1. I’d be surprised if you didn’t have a dinner plate in your house that looks just like that… :)

        The kids and I just watched this trailer before we leave for school. Now they’re in the Star Wars world, running around making pew-pew-pew noises!

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    1. It doesn’t look bad does it? There are some things I’m a bit sceptical of. The At-At battle at the end looked a little like a video game. I also hope that they don’t screw this up. Let’s not forget the EXACT text:

      “Rebel spaceships, striking
      from a hidden base, have won
      their first victory against
      the evil Galactic Empire.

      During the battle, Rebel
      spies managed to steal secret
      plans to the Empire’s
      ultimate weapon, the DEATH
      STAR, an armored space
      station with enough power
      to destroy an entire planet.”

      They have to stick to that. Any deviation and I will not be happy.

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      1. Yeah. I’m hoping that’ll look more impressive on the big screen (much like the Millenium Falcon chase in Episode 7 did). But the trailer looks promising enough … I was very sceptical, but I’m on board now!

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        1. I’m far more sceptical about the process of a Han Solo movie. Recasting that role…whew, well I wouldn’t want to play Han Solo. A Boba Fett movie, no problem, anybody can be under the helmet. Solo? I’d say a Solo movie is darn near impossible to get right. Quote me on that when it comes out in 2020 or 2021…

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        2. We know how well that worked out for yon Young Indiana Jones show. Impossible. I couldn’t imagine anyone else as Han. That’s gonna be really difficult.


    1. Yes you’re exactly right Bruce. I imagine this is probably the months and weeks leading up to Episode IV. The story of the stealing of the Death Star plans has been told before in video games, but this is “official” (and not at all based on the games).

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      1. The boy (10 and 11/12) has borrowed a few of these from the library. One about the life/training of the Sith dude – Darth Maul? – that was quite good and another that (fortunately) I began first; it was NOT aimed at children!

        It can be tricky navigating this stuff. Can I appoint you as a family consultant? What are your fees?

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        1. Oh I work for free!

          I would warn though that most of those books are now being overwritten by new content. When Disney took over, they jettisoned all the baggage of the books and comics that had built up and started fresh. So anything released in like 2013 onwards would mesh with the movies and stuff coming out now.

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        2. Probably a good plan. When I just now mentioned to Ms Connection (new to the Star Wars universe, lo! this last 12 month) that there was a new film placed between Eps III and IV she groaned mightily and slouched off to bed, muttering about her head aching. I told her that her helmet was probably too tight.

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        3. If you really want to get going, mention that there are two seasons of an excellent animated show called Star Wars: Rebels that takes place 5 years before Episode IV. It has had guests such as James Earl Jones and Billy Dee Williams come back to voice their original characters.

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