#480: Where Are We Now?

GETTING MORE TALE #480: Where Are We Now?

It’s been over 10 years since leaving the old Record Store.  Feeling nostalgic, my thoughts go back to the folks I once worked with.  The early days there were such an incredible time.  I called it the dream job, and for a music-mad guy in his 20’s, it was!  It was an experience I will always cherish forever, and that’s one of many reasons that Record Store Tales exist.  Even so, I don’t think I have really captured the joy of those early years, especially 1994-1996.  It truly is joy when you voluntarily came in early every day just to check out new inventory, which I used to do regularly.  Since that time, quite a few of my old compatriots have moved on.  Where are we now?

LeBrain:  Here I am!  I’ve been working a desk job in the manufacturing industry for the last seven years.  The lovely thing about my job is that I get to listen to the radio all day, every day.  I have found 107.5 DaveRocks to be very conducive to getting work done, and being rocked while doing it.  The encouragement from various folks at the station inspired me to get my Record Store Tales finished and published, and that’s why you’re reading this now!

T-Rev:  Now living in Sarnia Ontario with his beautiful wife and three kids.  Still rocking and rolling, still addicted to that rush and still collecting tunes.  Still texting me with rare finds (last was a rare Judas Priest 12” picture disc) and on the hunt for rarities.  Trips across the border into the US have yielded him many finds over the years.  Just a few weeks ago, T-Rev texted me for help.  “Can you help Colin go through five or six boxes of records and let him know if there’s anything good in there?”  Colin lives in Kitchener so it was far easier for him to show the LPs to me than T-Rev.  In all, I found about 50 that he should hang on to…and my mother in law bought a half-dozen for herself!  I also snagged an insert from Alice Cooper’s Muscle of Love LP, which my copy was missing.  Thanks for hooking that up, T-Rev!

Iron Tom Sharpe:  Tom, co-founder of the legendary Sausagefest, sold his Record Store location and became a teacher.  He has brought the rock to a whole new generation of fans.  They have now formed rock groups and even their own Jr. Sausagefest parties.  Of everyone involved with the Record Store back then, it is Tom who today does the most to bring good music to the kids.  What a legend!  He has managed to do what I strive to do myself, which is pass on the glorious rock and roll to the next generation.

Joe Big Nose:  Recently left the Record Store chain for a better opportunity.  No longer stinking up its washrooms with giant aromatic shits.  Big Nose had a long stay there – surely one of the longest.  There are probably stains with his name on them.

Uncle Meat:  Wandering the universe, playing baseball and Space Truckin’.  (Seriously, I know he is hard at work tabulating the votes for Sausagefest 2016’s official countdown.)

EDIT/update:  Uncle Meat has finished the 2016 countdown!  It is, in his words, “truly a kaleidoscope of finesse, filth and fury.”  Looking forward to it.

Wiseman:  Location and status unknown.  Last seen very very wasted at Sausagefest XII.

And finally, the Owner:  Still there, 25 years this August!  Talk about givin’ ‘er!  Never give up, never surrender!  You have to admire the tenacity and sacrifices made.  I would like to celebrate and say cheers with him.  Rock on!


  1. A crazy road indeed! I too cherish the days of the old record store, 1994-1998 were my FAV ‘s!
    Met a lot of great people, some of whom I still keep in contact with, including the great lebrain! The parties, the music, the discovery… Fond memories indeed!

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  2. Neat post Mike – I realized last week, it’s been 10 years since I graduated teacher’s college, I’d be curious to see how many fellow grads stayed in teaching.
    Glad to hear even though some left the store, nobody stopped the rock!

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  3. Mid 90’s to very early 2000’s were good times in a lot of industries. Then things changed. Recession, people spent less, bosses cut staff, and forced remaining staff to do the job of 2 people for no increase (sometimes decrease) in pay, less respect from customers, less respect from bosses., etc. Also, I am not a rat, or a backstabber so I didn’t fit in. You have to backstab, and kiss ass to get ahead. After 12 years in one place, I switched companies because I felt a change of scene would be good. I quickly found out it was the same shit, different pile. I work for myself now because I am the only boss that I like and respect. Most days anyway.

    I’m glad you have kept in touch with the good ones. Those people will continue to support you and this blog. I support your old owner by buying stuff there, and hopefully he can continue to make a go of it. I want to support a company that started out local. I wonder if the way things are going, if he will ever get a little more into vinyl.


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    1. Here’s an idea Bop. Why not ask for an interview with him for his 25th anniversary? He loves doing interviews. You could ask him about the vinyl. If you’re interested I’ll send you the contact info.


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