#480.5: Transformers Radio, tonight! (Rescheduled)


You got the touch!  You got the power!

Rob Daniels was sick last week, so we had to postpone his show to this week.  Tonight at midnight, catch me LIVE on Rob’s radio program VISIONS IN SOUND.   Tune in locally on your FM dial to CKWR 98.5, or even easier, just click “listen live” via their website!  The show runs from midnight to 2 am (ET).  My energon this evening to keep me going will consist of the sweet sweet coffee.

The subject:  the 30th anniversary of THE TRANSFORMERS movie!  The soundtrack was recently re-released in a deluxe Record Store Day vinyl anniversary edition.  Tonight I’ll be joining Rob as we spin music from the film, discussing its impact, and I’m certain we will be able to “touch” on the controversial killing off of kiddie favourite character Optimus Prime!

Don’t “Dare to be Stupid”, join us tonight for some “Prime” music!


    1. IT. WAS. SO. FUN. When Rob has the stream up, I will post. The music was very ELP meets 80’s synth rock. Very ELP. A lot of intricate arrangements and keyboard solos. But for me I got to discuss virtually every point I wanted to, which is a lot.

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        1. ^…..ed it.

          After Keith Emerson died I went on an ELP streak, and found the intricate layers were so deep. Really enjoyable.
          Pardon my lack of knowledge, but were any members of ELP involved in this?

          Strong coffee, intelligent conversation, and good music. Sounds like a good way to stay awake.

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        2. No but the composer Vince DiCola had two big influences — Yes and ELP. And you can totally tell. I commented last night, that if this soundtrack were a Yes album from 1986, fans would say it’s the best one they’d done in a decade! The show is up: http://visionsinsound.ca/

          You can stream it there.

          You will also hear music by Weird Al, Kick Axe, Stan Bush and a band called Lion which featured Doug Aldrich who later went on to do Whitesnake for about a decade.

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        3. Jon Wilmenius is the guy who knows more about Lion. I was never into them much. I found them kind of bland, and I think that’s in the soundtrack too. Faceless bland rock band.

          And how humiliating it must have been for them to sit there singing, “Autobots wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of…the Decepticons!”


        4. I am not sure! I need to catch up on his blog! He reviews a lot more melodic rock than I do. In fact he sent me two parcels chock full of melodic rock CDs.


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