RIP Paul MacLeod (1970-2016)


2016 has taken another precious musical genius, and this time it hurts even more, because Paul MacLeod was one of our own.

MacLeod was the local prodigy that joined Skydiggers and launched an impressive series of solo albums.  I’d heard lots of Paul’s music over the years but it was only a short while ago that Uncle Meat told me, “You have to get the CD by this band called Hibakusha.  They are the local Rush.”  So I did and he was right.  5/5 stars.  That was the first CD of Paul’s that I bought.

Paul was very close to a number of friends of mine, Uncle Meat in particular.  His heart is now broken, his dear friend gone.  Below is my favourite Paul MacLeod video. Recorded live in the downtown streets of Kitchener, “Down on the Street” is simply amazing.  There are many people here that miss Paul.  Rest in peace.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Mike. It’s devastating news, and we’re fans of the music without knowing the man. Our hearts go out to all of his family and friends.

    I want to do something at KMA too, I have a couple of Paul stories to share. Thanks again.

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  2. This has been a really tough week for the music community, both here in KW and across the country. Paul touched a lot of hearts in this land. I shot the Down on the Street video, so thanks for finding the pleasure in it that we had making it. Starting with that loud fan and ending with birdsong.

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    1. What a fantastic video, all one shot. Remarkable! My friend Eric showed that video to me a couple years ago and I’ve always wondered exactly where it was shot and how you kept the camera so steady even as you progress down the street? Presumably walking backwards to film the musicians?

      Even though this has been a week of sadness, please try to take some joy in the fact that right here, you’ve found someone deeply impressed by your work! And that of Paul as well, of course!


  3. That was a wonderful street vid, and what a great voice (if I may, fer these ears at least I had a sudden Badlands flashback!?). Didn’t know of Paul but clear he touched many here and much respect, condolences and wishes to family friends and fans.

    What a talent.

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