#503.5: Reader Mail

GETTING MORE TALE #503.5: Reader Mail

There are a few rituals that I look forward to every day.  I love waking up in the morning and checking to see if there are any new comments here.  I look forward to coming home from work and spending time with Mrs. LeBrain.  I also enjoy checking the mail box.  I never know what surprises I might find each day.  Sometimes it’s bills, or flyers from the local Church of Scientology.  Today, it was a present from a reader!

You may have seen Wardy around in the comments section, and you also may have read some reviews that were requested by him.  Wardy likes The Cult, among many bands, and requested a review for their Ceremony album.  Problem:  I didn’t have Ceremony.   I had all the singles, but not the album.  In fact I think it is (somehow) the only Cult album I never bought.

Not any more!  All the way from Australia, here is Ceremony!  (And not just Australia, but Tasmania, which to me makes it that much cooler!)  I guess I could say I got it on Australian import.  Now I don’t have a choice; I have to review it!  How could I say no, now?

As I press “play” for the first time, I leave you with this.

When you eventually see a review for the Cult’s Ceremony up here, thank Wardy.  THANK YOU WARDY!



  1. Cool story Mikey! I’m still buzzing from The Cult show a few weeks back so I look forward to your review on this as I haven’t reviewed it either!
    Good job Wardy!

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  2. Ahhh, too kind, appreciate the shout :) And while I’d add morning coffee to that list of rituals, nothing beats getting mailbox music! Look forward to your thoughts on this one down the track Mike, cheers.

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  3. COMMUNITY!!! Now THAT’s the kind of thing I love. Nice one, Wardy!

    Also, Ceremony. How did you not have that CD? You must’ve seen it go through the store enough times. Unlike you to have all the singles but not the album, probably on Japanese import, by now! But it’s OK, now you have one from down under!

    And, if I can hazard a guess, I can pretty much guarantee yer gonna love Ceremony. Go go go! Looking forward to your review.

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    1. I think at one point, I decided just to collect the singles and not get the album, for economical reasons. Most of the songs from the singles were on the album. But why I never picked up Ceremony over the years, since then, I don’t know! But I’m gonna dig in.


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