#511: That Night in Kingston

GETTING MORE TALE #511: That Night in Kingston

What are you doing Saturday night?

Never mind; we already know.


It has been a very emotional summer for fans of The Tragically Hip, but it all ends tonight.

A few months ago, nobody ever thought this would be the last summer of the Tragically Hip.  Gord Downie’s brain cancer diagnosis came as a surprise to all.  We can only imagine what Gord and his family are going through, but fans have been mourning in their own ways.  Mostly, they’ve been trying to go and see Gord one last time.  As StubHub jacked up ticket prices to ridiculous highs, fans scrambled to win contests or find any way to see the Hip live.

The good news is, everyone can see the Hip live, anywhere.

Locally, there is a lot going on.  You can join the gang from DaveRocks at local pup Bobby O’Brien’s for a Hip celebration.   They will be showing the last Hip concert on a big screen.  Lots of bars are doing the same thing — check your local listings.  Some families are having backyard and pool parties with the neighbours, with big outdoor screens.  All over Canada, fans will be celebrating separately, but together.

Not in Canada?  No problem.  There are viewing parties in major US cities such as New York and L.A.  They will even be watching the Hip in Rio de Janeiro as the Olympics close.  And it will be streamed worldwide.  The CBC has all the details.

How are you planning to enjoy the Hip show?  Here at LeBrain HQ, we are going to make some food, order in some gourmet chicken wings, and watch the Hip in 5.1 surround sound.  It will be a turbulent experience.  We don’t know much about Gord’s cancer except that it’s not treatable.  We don’t know how he feels.  All we know for certain is that we have been told this is the last tour, and that more than likely means this is the last show, forever.  The band has not done any press, nor said much to address the many questions.  It is like a giant elephant in the room.  But tonight, I want to put all that out of my mind and just enjoy the music.  I don’t want to think too much about what it all means.  There will be plenty of journalists doing that.  Tonight is for the fans, so let’s enjoy it, for us.

And for Gord.


  1. I love Something On! I am still deciding if I will head out to local pub Darcy McGees (one dollar of every pint sold is going to the Gord Downie Brain Cancer Research Foundation) or just stay home and watch it in case I get too emotional to be out at some pub.

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    1. No it can’t be reviewed. I didn’t watch it with that in mind and I don’t think it’s appropriate. If they do a DVD release maybe I’ll think about it, but I think the Hip meant for this to be one night, for our memories and then it’s done. I thought the CBC did an amazing job. Unfortunately our PVR missed a few seconds of the show, when it ran overtime.


      1. The CBC did a great job. I was switching back and forth between it and the ballgame but I did not see one single commercial. Imagine that in this day and age! I thought it was absolutely wonderful. Very, very respectful of the band and Downie in particular. It made me feel sad but also thankful that I was able to see their (maybe) last concert. It was a very special two and a half hours. I can’t believe that he had the stamina to do such a long concert.


    1. It really was. In 5.1 surround sound, it was pretty awesome. As my mom was saying, the CBC really pulled out all the stops for this show. I mean…what says it all is that the Hip played “Tired as Fuck” right there in the first set.

      My mother in law thought he was singing “Tired of Spock”!

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