REVIEW: Blackjack – Blackjack (1979)

It’s Bruce Kulick week here at! Check in for some cool releases featuring the extremely talented former KISS guitarist.

scan_20161002BLACKJACK – Blackjack (1979 Polydor, Universal Japan reissue)

The Kiss family tree is a fascinating tangle of disparate roots and branches.  One of the most intriguing branches is that of Bruce Kulick (Kiss guitarist 1984-1996) who has played with a number of fantastic artists over the years.  After completing a tour with Meat Loaf, Bruce was invited to form a new band with a hot young rock singer out of New Haven, Connecticut. This singer was a powerhouse with a Seger-like rasp, mixing soul and rock in equal measure, and able to write songs too. In fact today, this singer has sold 75 million albums with his name on them. Or at least the shortened version of his name. Back in 1979, his last name was spelled “Bolotin”. Today, he’s known as Michael Bolton.

Today, Bolton is probably best known for covers (“When a Man Loves a Woman”), but in 1979 he co-wrote every song on Blackjack’s debut. Both Kulick brothers (Bruce and Bob) have credits on a number of songs. And shockingly, they are generally pretty good! Fair warning though, this isn’t hard rock or heavy metal. Look at Bruce’s moustache. This is 1979 moustache music. It actually sounds bang-on in tune with the 1978 Kiss solo albums.

Bolton’s blue-eyed soul had a remarkable youthful energy. Check out the powerhouse chorus on the lead track “Love Me Tonight”. It’s hard to recognize the chops of Kulick, who was just beginning his evolution. The focus is undoubtedly on the singer, who impresses on every song. Second in line is “Heart of Stone”, a dusky soul-funk-rock number with some unbelievable singing. Unfortunately the ballads are less interesting then the rockers. “The Night has Me Calling for You” lacks the focus of the prior two songs. Following it with “Southern Ballad” makes it seem like we’re listening to a Peter Criss solo album at times. The side resumes to rocking with “Fallin'”, a great little tune that again sounds like it could have fit on one of the Kiss solo albums.

They even made a music video!

Although this is a remastered Japanese HM-CD, the second side of the original LP would have commenced on “Without Your Love”, a catchy and hit-worthy rock song a-la Journey (the members of whom helped out Bolton on his hit 1987 album The Hunger). Although “Countin’ On You” counts as a ballad, it’s better than the two on side one. It bears a strong chorus with urgency, and some cool finger picking by Bruce. The chorus of “I’m Aware of Your Love” is awkward but also catchy. I mean, who says “I’m aware of your love”? Is that a thing people say? If it works for you, sing along with Michael!

For soul ballads, “For You” is quite good, and Kulick complements it well. Finally the album ends with energy courtesy of “Heart of Mine” another strong soul-rocker with some powerful Bolton pipes. This is good stuff, horribly dated but if you like the cheesier side of late 70’s rock, then dig in. Who knew that Michael Bolton could rock? Kiss fans, that’s who. Because of Kulick, fans have been aware for years that Michael Bolton did rock at one time. Now with both Blackjack albums re-released in Japan on super high quality CDs with LP style packaging, you can get in on the fun too.

3.5/5 stars



  1. I listened to the song and I must say, I’m impressed. I never knew about Bruce Kullick’s life prior to KISS. If the rest of the album is like this song, it’s worth a listen. Bruce and Bolton, may prove to be a interesting combination.

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      1. This is true, you did. I will need to send you a suitable prize…

        But, I mean, wowzers … The Bolton was a rocker in a 1979 mustache music band!? Yikes!

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        1. Jings. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything by him other than those big 90’s numbers. I wonder if it’s still the same type of stuff…

          He should get in the studio, though.

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  2. I had no idea this existed. Wow. But it’s good to know that my original assumption about him was incorrect – I’d always assumed Bolton had sprung fully formed from some pit of sap music hell. That he started off a rocker leaves a glimmer of hope that he might one day recall his roots.

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  3. I have been aware of Blackjack for at least 20 years now but I’m ashamed to say I have never heard a note of that band. I dunno why. I mean, I’m a huge Kiss fan and as such I usually check out everything Kiss related. But not this band. It has nothing to do with Bolton either because I really dig his two or three first solo records, when he played AOR influenced hard rock instead of cheesy soul wannabe ballad crap.
    I’m gonna check this out now.

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    1. If you like the first few Bolton solo albums (which I think Bruce also appeared on) then you will love Blackjack. Hard to find though! I bought these and then these were deleted right away.


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