Gallery: HELIX guitar picks

These.  Are.  COOL.

To promote their new album Rock It Science, Helix released this set of five custom guitar picks.  It is available at their site for only $10, and they feature the excellent album art (by Brent Doerner) on the front.  On the back, each pick has a photo of a band member:  Brian Vollmer, Daryl Gray, Greg “Fritz” Hinz, Kaleb “Duckman” Duck and Chris Julke.

Guitar picks are great to collect and here at LeBrain HQ, we can always appreciate a cool set of custom plectrums.  They’re fun, they don’t take up a lot of space (I’ll be storing mine inside the CD case) and they just look cool.  Feast your eyes upon these beauties and if you decide to go for a set, don’t forget to order the Rock It Science CD to go with ’em!


        1. Right. I have lots of T-shirts, how many can I wear. Same with hats…guitar picks though? I have a little Paul Stanley pick album. I put a lot of my picks in there. I have concert picks from Tony Iommi and Rick Neilsen in there. And a signature set of Stanley picks, my Vince Neil picks that came with my guitar, all that stuff.

          Normally I keep picks with the album, if it comes with an album. I have a Vai box set with picks, AC/DC, Sabbath “Past Lives” has one…

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        1. Doesn’t even have to be My Wicked Twin. Just him doing his thing again on stage. I dunno! If we hook up another interview I’ll ask him! (Trying to do that)


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