REVIEW: Rock the Cradle Lullabies volume 1 – Dreamin’ with Def Leppard (2011)

CD given to me a couple years ago by Mr. Books.


ROCK THE CRADLE LULLABIES volume 1 – Dreamin’ with Def Leppard (2011 Happiness Records)

They call these lullabies, but I’m not so sure about that word.  Bon Jovi did an actual album like this, and titled it This Left Feels Right, I believe.

Slowed down, acoustic bluesy and laid back instrumental versions of Def Leppard songs will be found on this CD, easily digestible by anyone.  Their effectiveness as lullabies has not been tested under lab conditions but for casual listening in any age group, it should be well received.  As stated on a sticker on the front, Vivian Campbell and Phil Collen from Def Leppard make guest appearances (three songs each).

The liner notes state that the technique for “lullification” of these hits involved distilling them down to their core melodies.  That makes the songs both easily identifiable and readily enjoyable.  A mellow slide guitar often fills in for a lead singer.  Phil and Vivian’s work should be identifiable for fans to pick out.  Ballads tend to work better than rock songs like “Photograph” or “Pour Some Sugar”, and there are even a few surprising selections from outside the usual Pyromania and Hysteria suspects.  “Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)” is a particularly good mellow treat.

Buy it for your baby, or yourself.


zzz/5 stars


This is a 200 word review in the tradition of the #200wordchallenge


        1. I was suggesting for yourself for a mellow evening.

          It’s funny when I tell people I enjoy stoner rock, they assume I am a stoner. It sounds awesome when you are sober people. You do not have to be stoned to listen to it. C’mon.


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