#528.5: Klassik Kwote of the day – “Side Project”

The Foo Fighters took a break in 2001.  Their new album, to come later as One By One, was not going well.  The band were infighting, and the album was put on hold.  Around that time, Josh Homme hooked up with his old buddy Dave Grohl and invited him to play on the new Queens of the Stone Age album.  Dave was growing wearing of frontman duties in his own band and was happy to just be a drummer again for a little while.

The resultant QOTSA album, Songs for the Deaf, was a smash hit.  Dave Grohl’s presence brought them a higher profile than before, but it was also just a flat-out kick ass record.

One of our store managers, Joe “Big Nose” was a Queens of the Stone Age fan going back to Kyuss.  Though I was not there personally when this happened, Joe likely had an internal meltdown when a customer asked:

“Hey, do you have that new side project of Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters?”

I bet there was steam coming out of Joe’s ears!



      1. It’s hard to beat that line-up. That said, I saw them twice during this tour (minus Grohl) and they were incredible. The first time (November 2002, I think) they were without a doubt the best band I had seen…

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        1. I think Joey Castillo was in the band immediately after Grohl. He is a monster too!

          The live DVD that comes with their live album is fucking fantastic. I like when Homme calls out a dude in the crowd: “Hey cocksmoker. Eat a bag of dicks.”


        2. Yeah, it was Joey both times I saw them on that tour. He’s incredible… really lifted The Wildabouts when he joined, too. I’m gonna argue that he’s better than Grohl. There, I said it!

          Is that the Over The Years And Through The Woods album? I own(ed?) the CD, but don’t think I ever seen the DVD, y’know!

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        3. I didn’t wanna be the one to say it! I was going to, but I backtracked. He’s awesome.

          Yes! That’s the one. The DVD is what you buy it for. It’s really awesome! It’s more like a DVD that comes with a CD.

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