#534: Klassic Kwote – “b4-4”

GETTING MORE TALE #534: Klassic Kwote – “b4-4”

Unfortunate Canadians will recall boy band b4-4 (also known as Before Four). They were a trio, had two brothers in the group, made two albums and faded away quietly.

Courtesy of former store owner (now road manager for Steve Earle) Mike Lukacs, here’s a classic quote that shoulda been in Record Store Tales:

“Back in the record store days, some people came in the store looking for these guys’ CD. One of the dudes that worked for me asked them why they wanted such garbage. ‘They are our sons’ replied the people…”




    1. Wait Aaron, go deeper…Why would they need to go to the shoppe to get their own kids’ CD…USED?

      I’m guessing to give away to family/friends. Funny that they didn’t just give the guys a crate of CDs to do what they wanted with.

      If I’m ever in a band, I want part of my contract to state I get a crate of my own CDs, PLUS a copy of every version made for every market. And take the red Smarties out too.


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