R.I.P. Geoff Nicholls

2017 rolls on like a mini-2016.  The latest casualty is former Black Sabbath keyboardist Geoff Nicholls who was on every Sabbath album from Heaven and Hell (1980) to Forbidden (1995).  He played bass and sang when need be.  For that period of Sabbath’s history, he was the only stable member excluding Tony Iommi himself.  Geoff passed at age 68, after a battle with lung cancer.  He was rarely pictured with the four “main” Sabbath members, but he was more important than most of them.  Rest in Peace.



  1. Definitely an unsung member of Sabbath. His work with them was overshadowed by the magnificence of the other members but Geoff was a big part of their sound too. Steve Grimmet is worrying. Hopefully he will pull through like Leslie West and Danny Wildheart who have suffered similar tragedy.


  2. Just an update regarding Steve Grimmet. There is a fundraiser going via Youcaring to contribute to his medical bills and other related expenses. In cases like this it is money well spent and paid forward. I only found out about this on his Facebook page.


    1. Unsung hero indeed! I saw him in 1995 on the Forbidden tour…or rather heard him…he was hidden from my view.

      So that means most likely two guys you saw at that Sabbath gig are no longer with us — Geoff, and Ray Gillen.

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