REVIEW: Deep Purple – Time for Bedlam (2017 EP)


DEEP PURPLE – Time For Bedlam (2017 Edel EP)

Has any band gone nearly 50 years with such integrity?  The only original member left is drummer Ian Paice, but that matters not.  Ian Gillan and Roger Glover are original members to laymen.  Steve Morse has been in the band for over 20 years, and Don Airey is at about 15.  There is no lack of authenticity to Deep Purple, no matter what preconceptions you may have.  This most recent lineup with Airey is now on its fourth studio album.  The new album Infinite (produced again by Bob Ezrin) will be out April 7.

“Time for Bedlam” is a great choice for a single.  It rocks a “Pictures of Home” (1972) vibe.  Gillan’s lyrics are as biting as ever.  “Sucking my milk from the venomous tit of the state…”  Meanwhile Deep Purple sound like Deep Purple, but always pushing outwards.  There is newness in “Time for Bedlam”.  The droning intro is nothing like Deep Purple past, with Ian in a low monotonous voice.  But whatever makes Deep Purple sound like Deep Purple, it’s on “Time for Bedlam”.  For most people, the organ is the most identifiable ingredient, and Don Airey continues to pay tribute to the original, Jon Lord, in every note.  The solo sections from Airey and Morse are jawdropping.

This great CD single has three additional tracks.  “Paradise Bar” is a new non-album track, a laid back summer time groove.  It has progressive keys and a lazy easy going vibe.  It remains to be seen how it ranks among Infinite‘s album tracks.  It’s nice to buy a single and get an actual new unreleased track, and “Paradise Bar” isn’t mere filler.  Fans will enjoy Steve and Don’s solo trade-offs.  An unreleased instrumental version of “Uncommon Man” (from 2013’s Now What?!) will also be of interest to fans of the musicians in Deep Purple.  For such a long track (6:59) it’s amazing how well it works as a simple instrumental.  You have to hand that to this great band, and producer Bob Ezrin for capturing such great ambience.

The last track “Hip Boots” is an instrumental rehearsal of a track that will be on Infinite.  It’s a funky jam, a lot like what Deep Purple have always done.  It remains to be seen what the album track is like (will it have vocals, will it be a jam?) but this is an intriguing look at a song in a state that we don’t normally get to hear.  It whets the appetite for what could be coming.

Kudos to Deep Purple for still utilizing the singles format (something they also did with Now What?!), and in doing so, giving the fan some added value.  They’re creating a buzz for Infinite, so let’s hope that pays off in April!

4/5 stars



    1. Fingers are crossed. I just placed my pre-order last night. There is a new single coming in a week or so, and then I ordered a 7 disc deluxe of the album. I’m assuming that’s 4 LPs and 3 CDs. It comes with a live album.


      1. Mate, that’s hardcore. Youre a full on collector wizard. I’m listening to Who Do We……now after reading your review. I always thought it was one of their best. A more bluesy vibe overall. Solid. Especially love Painted Horse. A fave from many drunken nights in the Seventies.

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    1. I think Now What is a better album than Rapture. On the other hand I have not played either in a while. When Now What came out, I recall saying it was the best album since Purpendicular.


        1. As for the Toronto show, it is at Budweiser Stage???

          I am assuming that is the new new for Molson Amphitheatre, but I could be wrong.

          Also, there is a package with exclusive DP stuff, also a meet n greet.
          If I had the cash I might consider those.

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  1. I dunno. I’ve tried hard to like them with Steve but there always seems to be something missing. Having said that, with so many bands either copying other bands or being stuck within genres eg, Thrash, Deep Purple remain steadfastly unique.


    1. The goods are being pumped! And there is a new single coming in a week or two with even more B-sides. Looks like Purple’s writing this time was plentiful.

      Now, interestingly — they cover Roadhouse Blues on the album, which has 10 tracks. So Roadhouse Blues better be a freaking amazing version, if it’s displacing these originals!

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      1. 7 discs are double lp, cd/dvd and 3 singles on vinyl.

        The dvd part is 90 minute documentary of the making of.

        I read the next single will have a live version of Highway star included. That may be the live part.

        So if you buy all three singles, you may get them again with the boxset.

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        1. That’s fine. It’s Purple and they’re one of those bands that I pull out all the stops for. I have ordered the first two singles on CD, so if they are on vinyl in the box, that’ll be nice.

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  2. I didn’t really respond much to Now What?! so I’ll probably be sitting this one out. And the multiple formats are putting me off too. But this single sounds like it’s hitting the spot for you so that’s good to hear and I hope the album delivers the goods when it finally drops.

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        1. You know, I have a bunch of those here — the last Chickenfoot, the last Alice Cooper, Def Leppard…I never seem to really revisit the magazines. They get browsed and filed…it’s not intentional, just how it works out.

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